A biome that can be in both temperate and tropical climates and is covered in deep rooted grasses that are well adapted to drought
Very cold and dry biome located in the Northern hemisphere that has very little vegitation
Found around the equator and has a wet and warm climate year round allowing for the growth of a dense canopy of tall trees
Tropical forest
Occurs in both temperate and tropical reigions with hot days and cold nights. Rainfall is minimal in this biome and the plants and animals are adapted to reduce water loss
The non-living components of the environment such as soil, sunlight and air
How hot or cold a climate is and a major factor that influences the characteristics and distribution of biomes
Characteristics that help an organism to better survive and reproduce
a grassland biome with scattered individual trees, large herbivores, and three distinct seasons based primarily on rainfall, maintained by occasional fires and drought
Savannah grassland
Lakes, ponds, and rivers
This aquatic biome is home to diverse animals and crustaceans that have adapted to life in the water Ex; sharks, tropical fish, sea turtles
Some of these plants are poison oak, scrub oak, Yucca Wiple and other shrubs, trees and cacti.
the coral tissue and actually is what gives corals their beautiful colors
Coral reef
The driest and hottest place on earth
Temperate desert
Some areas are so deep that they can contain entire mountains and even volcanoes
mix of organisms that coexist in a defined space, but on a much smaller scale

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