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Bloodborne Pathogens Crossword


They are transmitted through blood or body fluid bloodborne pathogens
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome AIDS
PPE required for performing any first aid rubber gloves
The thickening of blood coagulation
Vampire food blood
A serious liver disease that can be prevented with a vaccine Hepatitis B
An infection that attacks the liver but may have no symptoms Hepatitis C
Another word for needles Sharps
Sharp metal objects that can transport disease needles
Blood, saliva, etc. body fluids
Waste that poses an environmental danger due to its biological risk Infectious Waste
The action of stopping something from happening prevention
An approach to infection control to treat all human blodd and body fluids as if they were known to be infectious universal precautions
Help given to a sick or injured person until full medical treatment is available First aid
Equipment designed to protect the wearer's body from injury or infection personal protective equipment
Instruments used to administer medication into veins syringes
The state of being exposed to contact with something exposure
AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis C, etc. infectious diseases
The action or state of making or being made impure by polluting or poisoning contamination

Soft Tissue Injuries Crossword


an injury to the soft tissues wound
include the layers of the skin, fat and muscle soft tissue injuries
the simplest closed wound also known as a bruise contusion
injuries that break the skins outer layer open wounds
soft tissue damage occurs beneath the surface of skin , leaving the outer layer intact closed wounds
skin that has been rubbed or scraped away abrasion
a cut, usually from a sharp object laceration
an injury in which a portion of the skin, and sometimes other soft tissue, is partially or completely torn away avulsion
the skin is pierced with a pointed object puncture
when a part of the body receives a crushing force crush
the removal of a limb amputation
when the object remains in the wound impaled
simplest closed wound also know as a bruise contusion
soft tissue injury caused by heat, chemicals, electricity and radiation burns
involves only the top layer of skin superficial burn
involves both layers of skin partial thickness burn
destroys both layers of skin and may involve fat, muscle, bones and nerves full thickness burn
outer layer of the skin epidermis
inner layer of the skin dermis

Hand - Sewing Crossword Puzzle


Tool makes it easier to remove stitches along seam seam ripper
These are the best choice for cutting out pattern pieces bent handle shears
Used to measure your body tape measure
Measure long, straight distances with this yardstick
short ruler with adjustable slide seam gauge
used to cut a zigzag edge to minimize fraying pinking shears
Long temporary stitch done by hand or machine baste
small items used in sewing, such as thread, buttons, snaps, ect notions
the line on which the seam is stitched seam line
finished edge of woven fabrics that runs parallel to the lengthwise grain selvage
Secure stitching by ________ the thread at the cut end before stitching and at the end of stitching knotting
very strong stitch used in variety of ways: to repair seams, for topstitching and for hand sewing back stitch
used to prevent flat, raw edges from ravelling or to minimize the bulk of seam allowance when sewing two layers of fabric together by hand overcast stitch
stitch used for either a flat edge or an edge which has been turned under hemming stitch
"invisible" stitch used to connect two folded pieces of fabric or one flat and one folded piece slip stitch
It protects your finger as you sew by hand. thimble
This is threaded and used to sew fabric together. needle
Most thread comes on one of these spool
These are used to hold fabric together before the fabric is sown together either by hand or machine. pins
The "pretty side of the fabric. The part of the fabric with the design to be shown on the outside of the garment. Rightside
this is used to hold the fabric together in a finished garment or craft. thread
The line of stitching holding pieces of fabric together for crafts or clothing. seam
Pass sharp objects to others with the _________ first. handles
Pins and needles should never be placed in your _________. mouth
When no in use scissors should be left __________. closed

Woodworking Crossword


protect wood surfaces finish
make chamfer edges plane
remove scratches from wood sandpaper
remove saw marks files
make pencil marks to locate holes and cutting layout
applies finish to wood surface brush
easily removed fastener screw
drives in nails hammer
fills in sunken nail heads filler
trees that have leaves hardwoods
makes 90 degree or right angle square
hold swork for operation vise
trees that have needles softwoods
joins two pieces of wood nails
measure length ruler
holds work to table clamp

FIRST AID Crossword


bleeding oozes rather than flows capillary
partial thickness classified as second degree burns
type of shock treated with epinepherine anaphylactic
referred to as syncope fainting
type of injury necessary to flush with water/call EMS chemical burns
bleeding flows more and is darker in color venous
bleeding flows more rapidly/bright red and spurts arterial
estimating body surface burned rule of nines
this condition requires immobilization musculoskeletal
heat related emergency displays moist pale skin, headaches and weakness heat exhaustion
condition that occurs due to exposure to cold hypothermia
shock resulted from hypoglycemia, requires giving sugar insulin
sharp pain in the middle of the chest/pain down left arm myocardial infarction
condition where you lie the patient down and open an airway shock
bandage-injury at the elbow figure eight
bandage-wound to lower leg spiral
fracture to the long bone splint
bandage-injury to finger tubular
shock respiratory-treatment? intubation
shock-cardiogenic/treatment? ivdopamine
shock-septic/treatment? iv norepinephrine
shock-hemorrhagic/treatment? stop bleeding
shock-hypovolemic/treatment? replace fluids
shock-anaphylactic/treatment? epinephrine

Wound Healing Process Crossword


This is the first phase of healing and is all about controlling bleeding and activating the immune system. Inflammation
Wound fluid, dead tissue, and immunologic cells form pus, which is designed to flow as a liquid from the wound and carry debris with it. Debridement
Collagen begins to fill in the wound to bind the torn tissues, a process that will take several weeks to complete. Repair
Once plenty of collagen has been deposited, the final phase of scarring can form. The scar becomes stronger and stronger over time as new blood vessels and nerves grow in and the tissue reorganizes. Maturation
An example of a wound healing by primary intention. SpayIncision
When the wound is a surgical incision with sutures in place, there is no area for the body to fill with granulation tissue. Instead, the wound margins are already held together and the two margins simply need to bond together. PrimaryIntention
If the wound cannot be closed with sutures (it is too big, there is too much tension on the wound margins pulling them apart, the wound is too infected, etc.), then this process occurs. SecondaryIntention
This should be moist so as to allow better blood flow and a proper debridement phase and bleeds easily as it is rich in blood vessels. Granulationtissue
When the wound seems to be on-going, either healing and then getting worse again and when the pet be taken to the veterinarian NonhealingWounds
A type of biological cell that is prokaryotic- can be many shapes, ranging from spheres to rods and spirals bacteria
May be caused by accidents, falls, hits, weapons, and other causes. Results in physical damage. injury

Medical terminology chapter 1 Crossword


What suffix means pain and suffering? algia
What prefix means bad, difficult or painful? dys
What suffix means the surgical removal? ectomy
What prefix means excessive or increased? hyper
What prefix means deficient or decreased? hypo
What suffix means inflammation? itis
What suffix means abnormal condition or disease? osis
What suffix means the surgical creation of an opening to the body surface? ostomy
What suffix means cutting or a surgical incision? otomy
What suffix means the surgical repair of? plasty
What suffix means bleeding (usually sudden/ severe)? rrhage
What suffix means the surgical suturing to close a wound? rrhaphy
What suffix means flow or discharge? rrhea
What suffix means rupture? rrhexis
What suffix means abnormal hardening? sclerosis
What suffix means tissue death? necrosis
What suffix means abnormal narrowing? stenosis
What suffix mean enlargement? megaly
What suffix means abnormal softening? malacia

Suture Crossword


A generic term for all materials used to sew severed body tissue together and hold these tissues in their normal position until healing takes place. It is also used to ligate blood vessels. suture
Made of bovine serosa or sheep submucosa. Chromic gut
Type of suture used to repair the dura. Nurolon
Type of suture used for vessel anatamosis. Prolene
A strand of suture material used to tie off blodd vessels for the prevention of minor bleeding, or to isolate a mass of tissue for excision. Ligature
Plain gut, chromic gut, vicryl, monocryl and PDS are all what type of suture? absorbable
Silk, eithibond, prolene, ethilon, nurolon, mirsilene, and surgical stainless steel are all what type of suture? nonabsorbable
Type of needle commonly used for tissue that is easy to penetrate and never used on skin. Tapered
Type of needle used on some organs and friable tissue. blunt
Name of the straight needle. Keith
Type of sutures used to retract. traction
You never want to use this type type of suture where infection is apparent. multifilament
Type of suture used for sternal closure. stainless steel
Suture material made of Polydioxanone. PDS
Type of needle that allows for penetration of tough tissue such as skin. Cutting

Wound Care Ch. 28 Worksheet

Matching Worksheet

knotted ties that hold an incision together sutures
wide metal clips staples
a strip or roll of cloth wrapped around a body part bandage
a type of cloth cover generally applied to a particular body part binder
the cover over a wound dressing
strips of tape with eyelets montgomery straps
healing by primary intention in which the wound edges are directly next to eachother first-intention healing
wound edges are widely separated and granulation tissue needs more time to extend across the wound second-intention healing
wound edges are intentionally left widely separated and are later brought together third-intention healing
dry, brown or black necrotic tissue
dead tissue on wound surface that is moist, stringy, yellow, tan, gray or green slough
increased production of white blood cells leukocytosis

Blood Crossword Puzzle


Another name for formed elements Hematocrit
Clear yellowish portion of whole blood plasma
Involved in stopping blood flow from a wound platelets
The study of blood hematology
Molecule important to transporting oxygen hemoglobin
Prime function of this cell is to carry oxygen to all parts of the body RBC
The blood cell can leave the circulatory system WBC
When two blood types can be safely mixed compatible
a type of granular leukocyte basophil
the process of stopping the loss of blood hemostasis
disease where bleeding can be difficult to stop hemophilia
blood disease that the woman in the film Blood was diagnosed with sicklecellanemia
blood disease caused by a pathogen malaria
a type of agranulocyte monocyte
substances that can trigger a protective defense mechanism antigen
Type of blood that contains both anti-A and anti-B antigens O
Type of blood that contains neither anti-A or anti-B antigens AB
red blood cell formation erythropoiesis
an immature rbc reticulocyte
this allows a rbc to fit into and go thru very tight spaces flexibility
The state of low oxygen levels in tissues is referred to as hypoxia
What type of cell is responsible for most types of blood cell production stemcells