A person can show _______ by looking someone in the eyes while talking to them. respect
A student is being ___________ when they are prepared, they use appropriate language and are aware of their surroundings. responsible
If a person is kind to others and reports any unsafe or inappropriate behavior, they are being good ______________ members. community
In what area of the building is it important to always walk on the right side. hallway
Rules are often put in place to help keep everyone _________. safe
Walking quietly in line is an example of ____________ behavior. responsible
Part of being a good community memmber is ____________ others. helping
Always keep your _________ to yourself hands
Before eating or after using the restroom always ________ your hands. wash
When a teacher is giving directions, listening to all of the directions before beginning is an example of ________ respectful behavior
Eyes on the speaker, ears listening, body still, hands free and voice off are qualities of _______________. whole body listening
On the bus it is important to maintain a _____________ voice level. quiet
It is never acceptable to put your hands on someone without their ______________.. permission
Please chew with your mouth __________. closed
Practicing good hygiene and trying your best is showing _____________. responsible behavior

PBIS Bingo!

Bingo Cards

Be Safe
Be Responsible
Be Respectful
Ready to Learn
Using Kind Words
Hands to Self
Good citizenship
Norski 3
Active Listener
Stay in your own space
Give your best effort
Stay to the Right
Include everyone
Quiet voices
Be a leader
All Eyes Forward
Low Speed
Low Volume
Bucket Filler


Good Behavior Word Search

Word Search

Raise Your Hand
Stay In Line
Don't Push
Keep It In The Green
Dean Tameka
School Bus Courtesy
Class 204
Don't Run
Don't Travel
Hands To Yourself
Nice Words
Quiet Voices
Walk Quietly
Quiet In The Hallway
Purple Power
No Fighting
Do Call Out
Stay Seated

Bullying Prevention Crossword Puzzle


When someone keeps being mean to someone else on purpose Bullying
Someone who stands up for someone being bullied Bystander
Facing the person, keeping your head up and using a streong, respectful voice are all examples of being... Assertive
Bystanders can make bullying worse when they do not... Report
The third step in helping to stop bullying Refuse
Having _______ can give you the courage to help stop bullying Empathy
Bullying is not Acceptable
If you do nothing when you see or know about bullying happening, you are part of the... Problem
Bullying is unfair and one- sided
USe __________ words to assertively refuse bullying Respectful
Bullying is not the same as Conflict
It is never too late to do the _______ thing Right

Science Safety Crossword Puzzle


____________ goggles protect your eyes from danger safety
what do you use on your hands for safety gloves
What should you wear on your body for safety apron
What is used to exinguish a fire fire blanket
Who should you notify if you have a safety concern teacher
What should you do if you get something in your eye Wash
What do you use if you spill chemicals on you water
You should ________ pay attention always
Instead of run, what should you do in the lab Walk
If you don't __________ to the instructions, you won't know what to do LIsten
WIth _________ cut, you should report it to your teacher any
Never ____________ chemicals Inhale
With __________ burns, immerse in water and notify the teacher minor
You should never touch or step in this is if it is broken Glass
It is not safe to try these without asking a teacher experiments
_______________ the location of safety equipment know



The opposite of negative Positive
To turn up the corners of one's mouth Smile
Paying attention to what one is saying Listening
To relate to another's situation empathy
The act of conveying a message to others communication
Our occupation customer service
Acquired facts and information knowledge
I am sorry, for example apology
to restate a customer's issue for clarity paraphrase
Keeping the customer on track call control
saying hello greeting
The part of your voice that should be positive tone
choices options
heartfelt; wholehearted sincere
two or more people communicating are having this conversation
the head of a group leader
amiable friendly
resolving all concerns in one interaction ocr
the loudness of a sound volume
the opposite of positive negative

Road Safety Crossword


You apply this to stop your vehicle Brake
A pace by which you must abide by Speed Limit
To not be intoxicated Sober
A lifesaving restraint Seatbelt
Something you should avoid while driving Distractions
An area where traffic fines double Work Zone
This is required by law to drive License
People the driver is responsible for Passengers
An area where you should look and listen before crossing Railroad Crossing
You should turn these on for safety Lights
Slippery roadways that may not appear as so Black Ice
How the driver indicates which way they are turning Blinker
The indicator of how quickly you are traveling Speedometer
Watch for these to cross the road Pedestrian
They are here to keep us safe! Police
Perform this action safely by looking and using a signal Merge
A digital aid in navigating gps
Emotions to keep under control while driving Road Rage
A large vehicle to take precaution around Wide load
The part of your vehicle that meets the road Tire

Shop safety Crossword


You put then on your face to protect your eyes safetygoggles
Long ________ must be tied back Hair
Ask for ___________ if you do not know how to do something safely Help
Number 1 propriety in the wood shop is Safety
Something everyone has to do at the end of the class Clean up
If you are not using it, make sure that it is closed and the handle is vertical Vice
It is used to nail nails into objects Hammer
It is used to make your work smooth Sandpaper
It is used to make your work look shiny after you are done Lacker
Before using any machine you must ask your Teacher
Carry all tools with the________ end down Sharp
If you are unsure about something always _____ for help Ask
You should wear ______ color clothing to the wood shop Light
You must always use a _________ if your fingers are starting to get close to the blade Pushstick
If you use your hand to brush off the table you might get a ___ Splinter
You should know where the fire _______ are located extinguisher

Kitchen Safety Crossword


Always clean up ____ or broken glass immediately Spills
Never ____ in a kitchen or food laboratory Run
Never light a ____ near a gas leak Match
Call the ____ ____ if there is a gas leak Gascompany
Do not leave anything ____ near a stove Flammable
Make sure to not wear ____ clothing near the stove Loose
Make sure to keep stove tops free of Grease
Use ____ to pick up hot pans Ovenmitts
Turn pot handles to the ____ to avoid getting bumped Back
Never let ____ near the stove unsupervised Children
Cut ____ from your body Away
Keep products in original Containers
Make sure to tie ____ back before cooking Hair
Always have a ____ ____ in your kitchen Fireextinguisher
Never stick a metal object in the Toaster
Always keep a copy of ____ numbers on the fridge Emergency
Never leave in the sink Knives
Before working in the kitchen, wash your Hands
____ ____ appliances as soon as you are done with them Turnoff
To clean up broken glass, use a ____ paper towel Damp

7 Habits Crossword


Habit 1: Be __________. proactive
Habit 2: Begin with the end in _________. mind
Habit 3: Put first things ________. first
Habit 4: _________ win-win. think
The way you see something, your point of view paradigm
How you feel about yourself is your ____________ bank account. personal
Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens covey
Personal motto, mission __________ statement
To put something off procrastinate
If you waste time you are a _______________ slacker
Take care of you big __________ first rocks
Something important that guides your life, a ______________ principle
The end of every chapter lists baby _______. steps
Keeping promises to yourself is a _______ into your personal bank account. deposit
"I can't" is an example of _____________ language. reactive
You might be suffering from _______ if you believe that the world owes you something (p. 52). victimitis
Circle of _____________ = things you are in charge of control
Knowing right from wrong and listening to your inner voice (p. 66) conscience
Knowing you have the power to choose (p. 66) willpower
The 7 Habits can help you _______ your relationships (p. 9) improve
The 7 Habits can help you make _________ decisions smarter
The 7 Habits can make you find ___________ between the different aspects of your life balance
The 7 Habits can help you ________ your values (p. 9) define
Quadrant 2 in Habit 3 prioritizer
Lose-lose is the downward ________ spiral

Knife Safety Crossword


• Never pass a knife to someone when the _____ is exposed. Close or sheath the knife beforehand. blade
• Always pass the knife ______ first. handle
• Cut ____ from yourself. If the blade slips, it will not cut you. away
• Never leave your knife on the ______. ground
• Always store your knife sheathed and in a safe place, away from the reach of ________. children
Never walk with your _____ in hand knife
Be aware of your ____________ when you are working with a knife. surroundings
A _____ knife is safer than a dull one. sharp
____ blades cause more accidents because they are harder to work with and require more pressure. dull
Keep knives away from the edge of the _______ to lessen the chance of being knocked off. counter
Keep the sharp edge of the knife _______ away from you when washing. pointed
Keep your knife _____, dry, sharp, and free from rust. clean
Apply a few drops of light _______ ___ to the knife joints and blade. machineoil
• Never try to cut materials such as metal, brick, and similar ____ surfaces. These materials will ruin your blade. hard
Make sure ____ is free from nails before you start cutting or carving it. wood
Do not put pressure on the broad side of the blade or use the blade to pry something open because the blade may _____. break
• Keep your knife away from ____. Heat will temper the steel, making the knife soft and difficult to sharpen. fire
Never play with ______. knives
Never try to _____ a falling knife or blade. catch