knowing one's own thoughts, feelings, and actions
self awareness
the different ways people naturally think and learn
learning styles
favorite activities
a skill that has been developed
an individual's feelings, actions, habits, and thoughts
the potential a person has for learning a skill
the ability to perform a task due to training and experience
ideas a person lives by
the things about work that are important to a person
work values
values that reflect the importance of money in a person's happiness
economic values
what a person does for pay
a set of related job skills and experiences
a work history of one or more jobs in the same of related fields of interests
working at least 40 hours per week
full time
the way a person uses his or her time, energy, and other resources
the ways people make make, buy, and sell goods and services
items that people sell
activities people do for others for a fee
all the world's economies and how they are linked
global economy
the need for workers and the kind of work available to them
job market
all people over the age of 16 who work or are seeking work
labor force
the buying and selling of goods and services via the internet
equal emplyment opportunity for all, regardless of gender
gender equality
a change over a period of time
a group of people who work together to set goals and make decisions to solve problems and put ideas into action
a wide varietyof workers with different backgrounds, experiences, ideas, and skills in the work place
workforce diversity
a flexible work arragement that allows 2 part time employees to divide one full-time job
job sharing
using outside resources to preform activities traditionally handled by internal company staff
working at home for a company
a work schedule that allows workers to choose work hours that fit their particular needs
flex time
designing and constructing structures that enclose space to meet human needs
building structures

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