Being the only child by his late father, Kevin became an automatic ________ of his dad's money and possessions.
Those of the past ________ knowledge to those of the future, should they choose to listen.
The two men had set up a nicer looking ________ for the rich man's funeral, knowing that that they only did so to please those who were still living.
As a child, Sally developed a strong love for the outdoors and its many species of plants, which, in turn, led her to ________.
Keven had gathered many people together to ________ the company's destruction of several natural habitats.
When she was annoyed, her ________ towards others was bitter and sharp, in everything she said.
Because of the class's constant yelling, the teacher became ________ and impatient.
Out of guns, and almost food, the battalions last hope was a shabby ________, positioned at the entrance of the fortress.
The writer's ________ on current-day society was seen as "highly offensive" to the upper-class.
Keven was instructed to ________ the sword often to keep it presentable.
She was quiet ________ about the events of her past, as if she wanted everyone in the entire world to know her story.
During her vacation, Sally purchased a ________ that strongly exaggerated her nose and cheekbones.
Kevin's plans to go out and ________ with his friends was cancelled, upon hearing the news of his late goldfish.
The park's most beautiful sight is its incredible ________, dumping its contents into a small lake.
Sally loved working with children, and oftened volunteered to teach children their ________ on Sundays.
A grand ________ was planned for the president to make his entrance to the city.
Although the apartment was small and cheap, the postion of her bedroom window gave her room a ________ glow at night.
The ________ of many years of treatment, rehabilitation, and therapy came to an end, the patient sadly relapsed.
The front of the stone had an oddly ________ surface, curving deeply yet smoothly.
Kevin was given _______ lenses that were supposed to correct his farsightedness.

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