Land that is covered mainly with buildings and roads is called.
Land that contains relatively few people and large areas of open space.
Resources that are produced by natural and artificial ecosystems. (Two Words)
Ecosystem Services
Movement of people from rural areas to cities.
All the things that a society builds for public use.
Rapid expansion of a city into the countryside. (Two Words)
Urban Sprawl
Increased temperature in a city. (Two Words)
Heat Island
Determining in advance how land will be used. (Three Words)
Land-Use Planning
A computerized system for storing, manipulating, and viewing geographic data.
Allowing more animals to graze in an area than the range can support.
The clearing of trees from an area without replacing them.
Process by which trees are planted to re-establish trees that have been cut down in a frest land.
This act was passed in 1964 and it designated certain lands as wilderness areas.
The US Wilderness Act