the process of finding seats for a customer in a resturant
a promise to hold something for a customer until the customer needs it
customers who have arrived at a restaurant that have not made reservations
a type of seating at a restaurant which customers are served on first come first serve basis
the process of taking a reservation over calling
booking reservations
making more reservations than there are spaces
over booking
the time that it takes a party to eat a meal, pay their bill, and leave the resturaunt
residence time
a type of sweating where a customer calls the restaurant, gives them their name, and gets it put on a list
call ahead seating
a computerized system for recording an order at a place where the order is taken
point of sales system
related to kitchens and cooking
a special area equipped with heat lamps to keep food hot until served
the person responsible for everything that happens in the front of the house of a restuarant
restaurant manager
the people in the restaurant that serve customers
responsible for the set up of the tables, cleaning of dirty dishes from tables, and resetting the tables
the top manager in a restaurant or hotel kitchen responsible for everything related to the kitchen and food preperation
executive chef
second in command in the kitchen
top manager in the kitchen in the unit of a chain restaurant, responsible for kitchen operations
kitchen manager
supervises the dish washing and pot washing, and clean up of glassware, silverware, and plateware
the person in a hotel who operates the dishwashing machine
a professional cook
the member of the culinary staff who gets the orders from the servers