I am a 9 digit Federal ID number used for federal payments
I am the amount taht the taxpayer wishes to pay
The access code is a six or ___________ digit number mailed to a tayper after a successful enrollment.
I am a 4 digit number
_________ tax filing period is YYMM format enter as a 4-digit.
_____________ tax filing period is YYMMDD format as a 6-digit code
Typically the Amount 1,2,3 ect refers to_____________, penalty, and interests.
Typically the Amount 1,2,3 ect refers to deposits, interests, and __________.
______________ code is a two-digit number that validates the total amount of the taxpayer's payment. Protects taxpayer from making transpositions.
A reference number is a 5 digit confirmation code verifying that a __________ submission was completed.
When a taxpayer makes an error on the ARU, they will get _________ to a live agent.
The date that the payment will be deducted from the account.

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