ketones in the urine ketonuria
excessive thirst polydipsia
myoglobin present in the urine myoglobinuria
delayed onset muscle soreness DOMS
muscle pain myalgia
excessive potassium in the blood hyperkalemia
surgical procedure where fascia is cut to relieve pressure fasciotomy
red blood cells erythrocytes
low oxygen in the blood hypoxemia
spider fingers associated with Marfan's syndrome arachnodactyly
uncoordinated, staggered movement, gait or posture ataxic
a neurological disorder where the immune system attacks the nervous system Guillain Barre Syndrome
disseminated intravascular coagulation DIC

Muscular System Crossword


3 muscles located in the posterior thigh hamstrings
4 muscles in the anterior thigh quadriceps
part of a skeletal muscle that is attached to a fixed structure or bone origin
part of a skeletal muscle that moves most during a muscle contraction insertion
type of muscle found only in the heart cardiac
type of muscle that moves bones skeletal
type of muscle that is found in internal organs smooth
major source of energy for a muscle atp
capacity to do work strength
muscle pain or tenderness myalgia
study of movement kinesiology
a tic or spasm dyskinesia
weakness or wasting away of a muscle atrophy
surgical incision of the muscle fascia fasciotomy
inflammation of a tendon tendinitis
paralysis of both legs or the lower body paraplegia
abnormal shortening of muscle tissue contracture
study of human factors that affect design and operation of tools and work enviroment ergonomics

Urinalysis Crossword


Free catch urine sample is termed voided
"Gold Standard" urine sample of choice? Cystocentesis
Tube inserted into the bladder via urethra Catherterization
Using a refractometer to measure the weight of the urine as compared to distilled water. Specific Gravity
Used to measure degree of acidity or alkalinity pH
Formed during the incomplete catabolism of fatty acid ketones
Muscle breakdown found in a urine sample Myoglobinuria
Microscopic evaluation is started on what power? Ten
These Hyaline ________ are the most commonly seen in mild kidney damage? Casts
_______ casts are found in cats with renal disease and dogs with diabetes mellitus and are the result of the renal tubules being damaged. Fatty

Urinary Elimination Crossword


Pus in the urine Pyuria
Needing to urinate at night Nocturia
Absence of urine Anuria
Painful urination Dysuria
Blood in the urine Hematuria
Inflammation of the bladder Cystitis
Decreased urine output Oliguria
Urine left in the bladder after urination Residual
An artificially created opening on abdomen for discharge of urine Urostomy
Performed when the patient is unable to eliminate urine from the bladder Catheterization
Manufactures urine Kidney
Carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body Urethra
Organ for storage of urine Bladder
Extracts metabolic waste Nephron
Controls the release of urine from the bladder Sphincter
Carries urine from the kidney to the bladder Ureter
Foul-smelling urine may indicate Infection
Excessive urination Polyuria
Glucose in the urine Glycosuria
Protein in the urine Proteinuria
Ketones in the urine Ketonuria
Surgical opening into the kidney Nephrostomy
Type of incontinence caused by intra-abdominal pressure Stress
Incontinence from a strong sense to empty the bladder Urge
Incontinence caused by the cognitive inability to recognize the urge to urinate Functional

The Endocrine System Crossword


Condition of overactive thyroid Hyperthyroidism
Excision of adrenal gland Adrenalectomy
Excision of the pancreas Pancreatectomy
Excessive Urination Polyuria
Condition of an underactive thyroid Hypothyroidism
Excision of thyroid gland Thyroidectomy
Disease of the adrenal gland Adrenalopathy
Enlargement of the extremities Acromegaly
Doctor specializing in the endocrine system Endocrinologist
Excessive thirst Polydipsia
Inflammation of the pancreas Pancreatitis
Excessive potassium in the blood Hyperkalemia
Inflammation of the thyroid Thyroiditis
Inflammation of the adrenal gland Adrenalitis
Disease of an endocrine gland Endocrinopathy
Deficiency of sodium in the blood Hyponatremia
Deficiency of sugar in the blood Hypoglycemia
Normal Thyroid Euthyroid
Enlargement of the adrenal gland Adrenomegaly
Enlargement of the thyroid gland Goiter

Abbreviations Chapter 4! Crossword


hemoglobin HGB
mercury Hg
high-density lipoprotein HDL
hepatitis C virus HCV
human chorionic gonadotropin HCG
hepatitis B surface antigen HBsAg
hemoglobin Hgb
glucose tolerance test GTT
glucose gluc
gastrointestinal GI
growth hormone GH
fever of unknown origin FUO
follicle-stimulating hormone FSH
frozen section FS
iron Fe
fasting blood sugar FBS
ethyl alcohol ETOH
erythrocyte sedimentation rate ESR
eosinophils Eos
deep vein thrombosis DVT
date of birth DOB
differential count of white blood cells Diff
disseminated intravascular coagulation DIC
chest x-ray CXR
cerebrospinal fluid CSF
hematocrit Crit
cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR
carbon dioxide Co2
creatine kinase CK
cholesterol Chol
congestive heart failure CHF
chemotherapy Chemo
chemistry Chem
cubic centimeter cc
complete blood count CBC
culture and sensitivity C&S
biopsy Bx
blood aria nitrogen BUN
blood sugar BS
basic metabolic profile BMP
bilirubin bili
twice a day bid
aspartate aminostransferase AST
alanine transaminase ALT
acquired immunodeficiency syndrome AIDS
before meals ac
blood group system ABD


Matching Worksheet

The function of this organ is to filter the blood with water and nutrients kidneys
Specialists that deal with both the urinary tract and male reproductive system urologists
small cluster of blood vessels in the kidney glomerulus
funnels urine from the kidneys and onto the bladder ureters
known as little rocks kidney stones
positioned in front of the urinary bladder prostate
low urine output oliguria
painful urination urodynia
high potassium in the blood hyperkalemia
most common types of images of the urinary tract intravenous pyelogram
special camera inserted into the bladder cystoscope
kidney condition nephrosis
process for examining the bladder cystoscopy
image of a kidney blood vessel renal angiogram
imaging using high-frequency sound waves ultrasonography
excessive urination diuresis
study of the kidneys nephrology
downward displacement of a kidney nephrotosis
deficiency of blood in a kidney renal ischemia
surgical removal of the vas deferens vasectomy

2016 Medical Laboratory Week (Lab Terms) Crossword


Carrier of genetic information. Chromosome
Serum based material with assigned target values. Control
Reaction vessel (similar to a tube) used in photometric analyzers. Cuvette
The study of hormones. Endocrinology
Hormone produced naturally by the pancreas and controls the level of glucose in the blood. Insulin
The process of dissolution of cells. Lysis
The study of microorganisms (bacteria/viruses/parasites). Microbiology
Reproducibility of test results. Precision
The procedure that removes waste substance from the circulating blood. Dialysis
A newborn in its first month of life. Neonate
The liquid portion of blood remaining after a clot forms. Serum
A measure of how close a determined value is to the true value. Accuracy
Requiring oxygen. Aerobic
Condition where red cell count or hemoglobin level is below normal. Anemia
Formed in the liver from the breakdown of hemoglobin. Bilirubin
Substance with the potential to produce cancer in humans or animals. Carcinogen
The process of forming a fibrin clot. Coagulation
Red blood cell Erythrocyte
Plasma protein produced in the liver and converted to fibrin through the action of thrombin. Fibrinogen
The presence of blood in the urine. Hematuria
The rupture or destruction of red cells resulting in the release of hemoglobin. Hemolysis
Excessive amount of fat in blood. Hyperlipidemia
Having reduced color or hemoglobin content. Hypochromic
The organ in which urine is formed. Kidney
Cloudy appearance due to excess lipid content. Lipemic
Substance that stops the blood from clotting, Anticoagulant
Clumping of red blood cells that appear to be stacked like a roll of coins. Rouleaux
Capillary blood collector. Microtainer
Low lint wipes used to clean in the lab. Kimwipes

Chapter 9 Urinary System Crossword


blood conditon, nitrogenous waste Azotemia
the study of, bacteria Bacteriology
pain, urinary bladder Cystalgia
inflammation, glomerulus glomerulitis
abnormal condition, glucose glycosuria
state of, sameness homeostasis
accumulation, water hydrocele
to destroy(break down) ketones Ketolysis
incision(to cut) meatus Meatotomy
stone, kidney Nephrolith
night Nocturnal
discharge, menstruation, scanty Oligomenorrhea
protein protein
record or picture, renal pelvis pyelogram
process of recording, kidney renography
surgical removal, ureter Ureterectomy
surgical fixation, urethra Urethropexy
tumor(mass) urine urinoma
disease, urine uropathy
pertaining to, invoulntary, urine urinary incontinence

Urine Chemistry Scramble- unscramble and provide the definition for each word

Word Scramble

renal threshold

Diabetes insipidus Crossword


increased urine production diuresis
painful urination dysuria
lack of water dehydration
tube inserted into the urethra into the bladder for urine output catheterized
bed wetting enuresis
excessive urination polyuria
excessive thirst polydipsia
sudden need to urinate urinary urgency
lab study of urine urinalysis
weight of a substance compared to an equal amount of water specific gravity
visualization of the urinary tract intravenous urography
presence of urea in the urine azoturia
nitrogenous waste in the urine urea
blood in the urine hematuria
bacteria in urine bacteriuria
glucose in urine glycosuria
diabetes caused by insufficient insulin needs diabetes mellitus
antidiuretic hormone that conserves water in the kidneys ADH
stores ADH and oxytocin until needed posterior pituitary
instrument used to examine inside of the bladder cystoscope
filters waste from the blood kidneys
urination micturition
disorder caused by insufficient ADH Diabetes Insipidus
measures amount of urea nitrogen in the blood BUN
disease in which your body cant produce enough insulin Diabetes
syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone SIADH
inflammation of the bladder cystitis
caused by drinking too much liquid before your body can process it water intoxication
micturition urination