I enjoy sitting in a theater, watching something on the big screen, and especially eating buttery popcorn when I go to the ________.
You may use a brush, pencils, an easel, and canvas to do this hobby
When you read the ________ you may see headlines, articles, comic strips, the weather, and crossword puzzles
I like to _______, when music is playing. I move around to the beat, sometimes by myself, and sometimes with friends
When you _________, this may include running, walking, riding a bike, swimming, or dancing to work up a sweat
This hobby includes exercise for meditation and relaxation
I love a good fiction adventure story, but sometimes non-fiction biographies are interesting too.
You form clay with your hands with the help of a pottery wheel, and then you bake it in a hot oven.
I can watch them on the television or go to the game and eat cracker jacks. 1, 2, 3 strikes you’re out.
When you go ________ you must be very quiet so you don’t scare them away. You sit in a boat, either on a lake or in the ocean with a pole and worms to try and catch some dinner.
These are people who you enjoy spending time with and who are not related to you by blood
These are people who you are related to by blood and you can love to spend time with them
What is a sport that requires you to kick a ball into a netted goal on the other side of the field?
This type of art requires a camera, for example you can capture images of items, people, nature
This physical activity involves using your legs to stroll outside. This can be done at a park. (Walking)
People make meals, like breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in their kitchens. This verb is called ___.
When you want to watch the news, what electronic item/device do you watch? This item has a screen and a remote.
This is something you do when you hear or say something funny. It makes you smile and be happy.
You use your voice to say lyrics of songs in a melodic way. This is accompanied by music.
These are activities that come in boxes with items inside and instructions that tell you how to play with them. An example is Monopoly.