Nixa Crossword!

What was the original name of Nixa Missouri?
This caving system is a popular tourist attraction
Springfield Missouri is often called "The __________ City."
The Interstate that connects St. Louis and Oklahoma.
A local amusement park that is a state-wide favorite.
This former Attorney General was once a Springfield area resident.
This famous actor was once a Springfield area native.
Nixa is in this Missouri county:
Nixa is the birthplace of this fictional movie character:
A local barber started this fish fry festival tradition in Nixa:
Dolly Parton created this popular Branson show:
This "Wonder State" is south of Nixa
This local zoo hosts daily "Animal RendeZoos"
The Springfield Cardinals play at this local baseball field:

BRANSON Word Search

BRANSON Word Search
Word Search


Westward Expansion Crossword

Westward Expansion  Crossword

Who was the person responsible for and signed the Indian Removal Act?
What was the journey that the Cherokee people took because of the Indian removal policy called?
Which battle was the most important for Texas to gain independence, it was a Francisan mission?
Who was the general and dictator of Mexico during the battles for Texas independence?
Who was the United States's president during the Mexican American War?
This term means, the belief that it is America's obvious fate to move west.
What was a popular slogan said by John K. Polk when he was ready to go to war against a territory?
This trail was the safest and most effective trail for going west. It's a very popular trail.
This compromise made it possible for people to still own slaves in Washington DC.
Who was known as the, "Great Compromiser?"
Who's idea was it to build a railroad from Chicago to San Fransico?
This term is the political belief that the people who lived in the region should should vote and decide on the nature of their government themselves.

US states Crossword

US states Crossword

Largest state in America
The setting of the book To kill a Mocking Bird
The location of the Grand Canyon
Birth state of Bill Clinton
3rd largest state
Location of Mt. Elbert
Borders with Massachusetts, and Rhode Island
2nd smallest state
The sunshine state
Last confederate state to join union
In the middle of the ocean
World famous potatoes
capitol, Springfield
Location of the Indianapolis 500 race
The Capitol is Des Moines
"TOTO I dont think we're in ______ anymore"
________ Fried Chicken. "Its finger lickin' good"
Shaped like a boot, shares a border with Texas
The furthest NE state
Capitol, Annapolis
Location, Plymouth Rock
This state is connected to the most great lakes
The State of 10,000 lakes
The USA's largest river's name
Location of the Gateway arch
The popular kid show "Hannah _______"
The capitol is the name of the 16th president
Location, Las Vegas
The highest point, is at the top of Mt. Washington
It has the longest board walk in the World
Location, Albuquerque
World trade Center
Loser of superbowl 50
Location, Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Capitol, Colombus
Borders with Texas, and New Mexico
Mt. Hood
Capitol, Harrisburg

1950S Crossword Puzzle

1950S Crossword Puzzle

Population increased
A law passed in 1944 that provided educational and other benefits for people who had served in the armed forces in World War II
the state of producing
a road vehicle
This bill created a 41,000 mile National System of Interstate and Defense Highways
Residential area
name of four large suburban developments created by William Levitt
a strip of territory receiving a high amount of sunshine
jobs that provide services in places like fast food restaurants
jobs that involve working in an office, cubicle, or other administrative setting
Places like McDonald's, Jack in the Box, Tacobell, Kfc, etc.
the preoccupation of society with the acquisition of consumer goods
a person who earns money to support a family
a person, especially a housewife, who manages a home
a couple and their dependent children, regarded as a basic social unit
The writer of Baby and Child Care
virologist who developed the Salk vaccine
a system for transmitting visual images and sound
a type of popular dance music originating in the 1950s
musician known for shaking his legs and dancing. Also known for his big pompadour hiar style.
group of authors whose literature explored and influenced American culture in the post-World War II era
a person aged from 13 to 19 years

federalism Crossword

federalism Crossword

powers that are spelled out in the constitution
an act directing the people of a territory to frame a proposed state constitution
grants made to states and private agencies to those groups that apply for them
powers that the constitution does not grant to the national government.
certain powers are assigned to the national government and certain powers assigned to the states
form of federal monetary aid given to the states in the form of federal tax revenues
grants with few strings attached
powers held by the national government that are granted to it in the constitution
an act that creates a state
powers that national government have historically possessed
federal money or other resources given by he federal government to state and local governments
a system of government that divides power between a national and state governments
legal process where fugitive from one state is returned to that state
powers that are possessed by both the national and state government
agreement between states and foreign nations

Midwest States and Capitals Crossword

Midwest States and Capitals Crossword

Staint Paul
Des Moines
Jefferson City

Dolly Parton Crossword

Dolly Parton Crossword

Dolly Parton's Park in Tennesee
Dolly's Father
Dolly's Mother
Dolly was nominated for ________ grammy awards.
Dolly Won _______ Grammy Awards.
Dolly Parton is recognized for her ___________________.
Dolly Has __________ siblings.
Dolly's Spouse
Dolly's Age(at the time)
Dolly Can Play __________ musical instruments.

U.S. Road Trip Challenge Crossword

U.S. Road Trip Challenge Crossword

100-Mile stretch of road near Area 51.
What is a highway that encircles a city like D.C.?
What is the highway linking mainland FL to Key West?
What is a Highway linking multiple states?
What is a frequent question asked by passengers on long road trips?
This Highway traces the oceanfront of C.A.
This is where you fuel up.
Interstates with these numbers run N-S.
Interstates with these numbers run E-W.
Sometimes you have to pay this on roads.
Who created the interstate highway system?
Which lane is used for faster moving vehicles?
It's nicknamed 'The Mother Road'.
You get on this when exiting the Highway.
What road follows the Mississippi River from LA to WI?
What is the byway linking Santa Fe and Albuquerque?
It's my way or the _______.
You will get a ticket for going faster than this road sign.
Which interstate highway is located entirely within AZ?
Interstate 15 passes through how many states?

Music Crossword

Music Crossword

What is Tim McGraw’s real name
Who did Miranda Lambert marry?
Who sang the song life is a highway in the movie cars?
When was little big town founded
What is Garth brooks real name
What label does lady antebellum play for
What happened to Mary Lambert as a child
When is Russell Dickersons birthday month
What state is the band perry from
How many kids does Tammy Wynette have
What kind of country does Jon Pardi play
What age did Waylon Jennings start playing the guitar
How tall is Toby Keith
Who did sugar land duo with
How many records does Kenny chesney have
What job did Chris Johnson have before music
What show did Dolly Parton appear in
What state was Taylor Swift born in
Florida Georgia line met where
What state was hank Williams jr born in
What sport did Sam hunt play in college
What is Reba macentire middle name

Dolly Parton Crossword

Dolly Parton Crossword

What contest was Dolly Parton once In?
What animal was named “Dolly” after Dolly Parton?
What is Dolly's theme park called?
At what age did she move to Nashville to purse her commercial career?
What is Dolly's number 1 song?
What month was Dolly born?
What instrument does Dolly play other than a guitar?
"----- of many Colors" by Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton's genre?
How many siblings does Dolly have no including her?
At what age did she start performing professionally?
In 1975 what award did she win?
What disability did her father have that inspired Dolly to create "imagination Library"?
True/False Dolly had her own movie?