Mesmerism Crossword

Hypnosis took what form in Ancient Egypt?
Where was Franz Mesmer living when he first developed his theory of Animal Magnetism?
The first recorded information of Mesmerism comes from over ___ years ago
After long rituals involving the ingestion of herbs, and hours of rhythmic ___ of prayers...
The practice of temple sleep spread to what country?
What city has the most well-known Oracle in the ancient world?
What well-known conqueror consulted an oracle?
Mesmer was a fervent believer in ___ and magnets on human health
Magnetism: Fact or ___ ?
Mesmer believed that people had what type of fluid flowing though channels in their body?
Marquis de ___ was the first to use mesmerism as modern day Hypnosis
Dr. James Braid was the first person to use the term ___ in English

The Salem Witch Trials Crossword

The Salem Witch Trials Crossword

where did the trials take place?
what was the 2nd alternative world the Puritans believed in "their souls"?
who was the leader of the Invisible World?
what was the most evil form the Purtitans belived was created by the devil?
what did Reverend Parris reffer to sinners who didnt believe in the Purtians beliefs?
what kind of evidence was necessary to later prove that their was indeed witches alive in Salem?
Puritans believed indians were_____and their shamans were witches
Puritans and Parris belived these acts were signs from who?
William Griggs, an elderly physician declared that Betty and Abigail, Parris daughters were what?
Connecticut and which other state proclaimed witchcraft a crime punishable by death?
who was the first so called witch to be hung?
an ancient European folklore alleged what form of animal to be imps disguised to help witches do their dirty work?
what would a dog eat to reveal the victims witches?
on march 1 the official witch trial were arranged, it made the three suspects preform how many tests to prove to be gulity of witchcraft?
victims began to ________ certain people their family didnt respect or like, as witches.
wich witch confessed on telling the Magistrate she was a "witch"?
what novel had witness, Cotton Mather write to tell of possesion of demons in 1688?
what was Reverend George Burrough reffered to as king of?
what did the "witches" want their victims to sign ?
up until the final trial Boston Reverend and his son Cotton agreed that the Devil didnt have to ask for what? to possess inocents bodies?

The Golden Age Of Greece Crossword

The Golden Age Of Greece Crossword

Who was the leader in Athens from 461 B.C. to 429 B.C.?
Where was the Parthenon to Athena built?
Under the leadership of Pericles, citizenship was extended to?
The Greeks laid the foundation for which civilization?
What is Plato's most famous work?
Who was known as the "Father of Tragedy"?
______________ Bound was one of Aeschylus's famous works.
One of Sophocles's famous works was the O------ at C------?
Both of Homer's works was based on the?
Who is known as the first writer to collect materials and arrange them in a narrative?
Herodotus is also known as the?
Who wrote The History of the Peloponnesian War?
Which statue is one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World?
Phidias was both a sculptor and a?
What is the most ornate type of Greek column?
Which is the least ornate type of Greek column?
Which is considered the average ornate type of Greek column?
Archimedes contributed to the discovery of?
Hippocrates is also known as the?
Which Greek mathematician wrote "The Elements"?
Which Greek philosopher created the theorem a^2 + b^2 = c^2?
Which Greek philosopher was a teacher of Plato?
Pluto believed in the concept of the philosopher king and disliked?
Aristotle was a tutor of?

Oedipus the King Crossword

Oedipus the King Crossword

child of oedipus and jocasta
Acts as events on stage.
Oedipus brother in law. (he says he has no desire for kingship)
Creon wife
Believes that burial is so important.
Oedipus other daughter. (Ceron sentences her to die)
Oedipus wife and mother
it begins with Creon return from the oracle at Delphi
He became king of Thebes before the action of Oedipus the King begin.
Oedipus ankles was pinned together on top of the mountain.(where Oedipus got his name)
Oedipus lost this.
EX: Jocasta hanging her self
"Stain where the 3 roads meet"
The blind soothsayer of Thebes. He tells Oedipus that he is the murderer he hunts.
Jocasta and Oedipus do not want to speak the truth. (This is when Jocasta and Oedipus started to get close)

Oedipus Rex Crossword

Oedipus Rex Crossword

What was the mountain called on which Oedipus was supposed to die?
Who wrote this play?
Who was the blind seer?
What literary term describes the term "blind seer"?
Who was the savior of the people?
Who held the city of Thebes hostage; Oedipus solved her riddle?
Where did Oedipus grow up?
What is the setting of the story?
Where was the Oracle of Apollo?
Who believes that prophets and prophecies are nothing to worry about?
Who is Oedipus' brother in law?
Who does Oedipus think is trying to get him out of the way to take power?
What is Oedipus' adopted father's name?
What is Oedipus' adopted mother's name?
What character/group represents the people of Thebes?
Who is Oedipus' real father
What is Oedipus' daughter's name?
What is Oedipus' other daughter's name?

Vocabulary - Ancient China Crossword

Vocabulary - Ancient China Crossword

What do you call the body of government?
The first ever chinese dynasty was called what?
What do you call the population and dynasty that took over the position that Shang had created?
What do you call the dynasty that lasted fifteen years?
What kept China safe from invaders?
What river is known as the Yellow river?
What is the longest river in China called?
What is someone or something worthy to be praised and rewarded called?
Who was an important philosopher created a main philosophy in China?
What do you call bones and shells of animals to communicate with the gods?
Past generations family members are called?
What do you call beliefs religion and food being past down?

Wellness Crossword Puzzle

Wellness Crossword Puzzle

This type of wellness is the ability to relate to and connect with other people in our world.
This type of wellness is the ability to recognize our own responsibility for the quality of the air, the water and the land that surrounds us.
This type of wellness is the ability to establish peace and harmony in our lives.
This type of wellness is the ability to understand ourselves and cope with the challenges life can bring.
This type of wellness is the ability to open our minds to new ideas and experiences that can be applied to personal decisions, group interaction and community betterment.
This type of wellness is the ability to maintain a healthy quality of life that allows us to get through our daily activities without undue fatigue or physical stress.
An interactive process of becoming aware of and practicing healthy choices to create a more successful and balanced lifestyle.
Making and maintaining _____ changes to improve our health and wellness is almost always easier if we have encouragement and support from our friends, family or co-workers
An unhealthy state or condition of the mind or body in which physical, social, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual functioning is compromised.
The forces or stimuli that impinge upon an individual; also, an individual's response to these forces.
A system of belief and practices aimed at the union of the individual self with the universal self.
An altered state of consciousness in which the mind is focused in passive attention and quiet, resulting in an experience of transcendence.
Use of beat, rhythm, pitch, harmony, synchrony, chords, and lyrics to facilitate healing, alter consciousness, reduce stress, facilitate movement, aid sleep, improve concentration, and more.
A method of altering consciousness by focusing attention on one thought, thereby distracting consciousness from other thoughts.

Ancient Greece Crossword

Ancient Greece  Crossword

What is a form of government in which citizens govern themselves?
Who is someone who uses reason to explain natural events?
What is the city-state in Ancient Greece that is the current capital?
Only 1/5 of the people were allowed to participate in ________.
Slaves, foreigners, and ______ were excluded from government.
Plato, Aristotle, and ______ were notable Greek philosophers.
Many Greeks believed that their ______ were responsible for all natural events.
A ______ is a sacred site used to consult a god or goddness.
Who was the goddness of war?
Who was the father of Hercules?
The first _____ was held in Greece.
Which philosopher believed intellectual intelligence can only be attained by upper-class males?
Which Athenian branch of government was made up of a council of only 500 men?
What kind of democracy does Ancient Athens have?
What princess did the Trojans capture that led into the Trojan war?



In Islam, the "call to prayer"
Arabic word for God
Islamic leaders regarded as successors to Muhammad for Sunni Muslims
The foundational and practices of Islam that were set forth by Muhammad and are practiced by all Muslims
Word meaning "story", the sayings and stories of Muhammad that are meant to form guidance for living out Islam
A Muslim who has memorized the Qur'an
A term meaning "migration", it recalls the escape of Muhammad from his enemies in 622 C.E. And the beginning of the establishment of Islam. Marks the start of Islamic calendar
The leader for prayer at a mosque who is chosen for his knowledge of Islam and his personal holiness
The first Islamic shrine, which Muslims believe was built by Abraham. Destroyed by pagans, it was reclaimed by Muhammad when he captured Mecca in the seventh century.
Arabic that means "recite" or "recitation." In Muslim belief, God's final revelation superseding both Jewish and Christian Bibles.
The Fourth Pillar of Islam, which is a month of prayer and fasting that commemorates the Night of Power.
Chapters or sections in the Qur'an. Each surah is a separate revelation received by Muhammad.
A Muslim scholar trained in Islam and Islamic Law.
The ritual washing of the face, hands, arms, top of head, and feet that a Muslim must perform before Salah.

Indian Independence Movement Crossword

Indian Independence Movement Crossword

What movement began in 1857 and lasted until 1947?
The policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country
Ruled India 60% directly and 40% indirectly through native princes
Political party founded in 1885
Primary leader of the Indian Independence Movement
First prime minister of India
Nehru believed in what kind of democracy?
According to Nehru, what was the best resolution to use for restoring law and order?
Gandhi believed in a self-____ economy
Gandhi is known for advocating non________

Classical Music Crossword

Classical Music Crossword

Mozart's father, Leopold, was a conductor, composer, and music teacher in the ___________ of Salzburg's Court.
Young Mozart spent many hours listening to his sister, Maria Anna, play the ________ and by the age of three he could play it too.
By the age of six, Mozart had already composed his first piano ________.
Leopold Mozart decided to take his talented children on a musical tour of ______.
Mozart married _______ _______ when he was 26 and they had two sons.
Two of Mozart's most famous operas are "The Magic Flute" and "The _______ __ ______"
By the age of _________, Beethoven had already written his first composition.
Beethoven has studied music with both Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and ______ ______ ______.
Beethoven was well known as a virtuoso ________ long before he was recognized as a great composer.
Beginning in the late 1790's, Beethoven began to lose his hearing. One of his greatest works, the _______ ________ was written when he was completely deaf.
Early in his career, people thought Beethoven's music was to strong, too forceful, and hard to ________.
Musicians since the middle ages were sponsored by patrons, either the church or a wealthy ________.
________ was the most important element in a composition and it was usually given to an easy to hear instrument.
Musicians were hired to skillfully display their talents as a composer and performer with music that reflected the "_____ __ ___ _____"
Music composed in the classical period _______ national boundaries, meaning that it was not identifiable with a particular country or region.
Franz Joseph Haydn was know as the "Father of the _________"
In 1740, Haydn was admitted to a boarding school where singers were trained for the emperor's court in _______.
In 1761, Haydn began work for Prince ________ in Austria and soon was put in charge of all court music.
From 1791-1794 Haydn wrote his last twelve symphonies called the "______ Symphonies" while in England.
The "________ Symphony" is one of his most famous pieces. It uses loud kettle drums to wake up anyone who may be sleeping.
Haydn's _______ of instruments in his orchestra formed the basis for modern symphonic orchestras.