The muscle at the back of the upper arm
The smallest blood vessel
Age comes under what 'category' that influences participation in sport?
The top of the performance pyramid
The ability to undertake strength activities quickly (strength x speed)
A principle of training
A method of training used in sports that change speed and direction
Exercising with the use of oxygen at a moderate intensity
A food type that aids digestion, e.g. wholegrain bread, oats, fruit and veg
A body type that is represented by a high percentage of muscle
A drug that increases the amount of urine produced and also masks the use of other drugs
A muscle contraction that does not produce movement
A joint found in the knee and elbow
The harvard step test tests what fitness component?
Cardiovascular fitness
A state of complete mental, social and physical wellbeing
Making training more difficult
Progressive overload
Attaches a bone to another bone

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