The Land Rover Discovery is a mid-size luxury SUV; what does the abbreviation 'SUV' stand for
Who appeared in Top Gear alongside Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson from 2003 to 2015
What does the commonly used automotive abbreviation ABS stand for
How many rings are in the Audi logo
What car did David Hasselhoff’s character, Michael Knight, drive in the eighties TV series Knight Rider
What animal is on the Porsche logo
What color were all Ferraris originally
What kind of car inspired Ferruccio Lamborghini to start his own automobile company
Which was the first Bond film to star an Aston Martin
What did Jaguar manufacture before they began to make automobiles
What colour car do people punch each other after seeing
How many litres are in a 2000cc engine
What's the most expensive car in the world
What does TDI stand for
Vorsprung Durch Technik is the slogan from which Car Brand
What fuel do electric cars run on
Who made the first car in the world
Which rally driver died in a helicopter crash in 2007
Who owns Ducati
Which element, with atomic number 46, is commonly found in catalytic converters
The man who invented cruise control was blind! What was his name
What does CC stand for when measuring engine size
What is the world's fastest production car
What is the name of a car with a roof that can be opened or taken off for an open-air drive
How many wheels does a Robin Reliant have
Which eccentric billionaire is the "Technoking" of Tesla
How many chevrons does the Citroën logo have
Which Stephen King film details the horrors of a possessed Plymouth Fury
In the UK, road signs depicting warnings and hazards are depicted by which 2D shape
"Herbie" who stared in the 1969 Disney film was what type of Volkswagen Model
What car is featured in the 1985 Back to the Future films
1 in 4 Cars on the UK road where made in what Country
Which Land Rover model is their famous Off-road vehicle first introduced in 1983
What car badge features a golden bull
What Sub-Brand did SEAT introduce in 2018
A group of cars is called a
How many generations of the Range Rover are there
The logo of which car manufacturer features a circle divided into four sections of alternative white and blue
What is the name of the luxury division by Toyota
Which car brand does Mr. Bean drive
Most sports cars are typically designed with how many seats
The Rolls Royce radiator ornament is called The Spirit of ….. what
What was the previous name for the car manufacturer, Audi
What does Batman call his primary method of transportation
What liquid substance, invented in 1926, is used in a car's cooling system
Citroën's headquarters are located in

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Who is a crossword suitable for?

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Are crosswords good for students?

Crosswords are a great exercise for students' problem solving and cognitive abilities. Not only do they need to solve a clue and think of the correct answer, but they also have to consider all of the other words in the crossword to make sure the words fit together.

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