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The Music Recorder Word Search

The Music Recorder Word Search
Word Search


THS Crossword


Who is the New principle
Name of the Newspaper
New art teacher
Where is THS ranked in RI
What sports team went undefeated for the 2021 fall season
Who was the DJ for Homecoming
Who is everyones favorite former custodians
Who was the Principal before Mr.Ashley
Who won spirit week
What is the unofficial school anthem
The street the High School is on
Name of advisory period
What is the newest club in THS
Who is the schools social worker

For Kiki Crossword


Captain America
Freedom Day
Mom's Birthday month
Favourite Store
Most hated subject
Round but when cut, its a triangle
Can easily be turned into a purse
You're a ....
Kykie, wil jy .....?
Life Sentence
Actor who plays spiderman
I am ...
Pepper Potts is allergic to...
First movie watched at the cinema
First Pets Name
Most loved Teacher

Activity: Crossword puzzle about newspaper article "How Betty and Barney Hill's alien abduction story defined the genre"


The theme of the newspaper article.
Write the plural of the word "Publicize".
What people inhale from balloons that make them sound like an alien.
Is UFO's existence a fact or myth?
What is the common noun for the proper noun "Avatar"?
Most important part to look at in a newspaper article to determine whether it is a true news or fake news.
The opposite of the word "erased".
Read the clue and fill in the missing word: Nichola was very eager to write her first newspaper article. She waited ___________ to start writing.
Write the past tense of the missing word. I __________ a letter to my friend to tell her about the fake news.
Synonym for "Gray beings".
The City where Betty and Barney discovered UFO's.
What does the "metallic disc" refer to in the newspaper article?
What does UFO stand for?

Let me introduce myself... Crossword


What is my favorite color?
favorite movie?
What attracted me to you ?
Least attraction
I'm Clingy Needy and loves...
My fav tickle spot
messages and
kisses are ...
lunch fav: Steak ceaser salad and a tall....
Music choice
If you aint ....
...You aint ...
Sock on or off?
Sock on or
social butterly ...and
Painting is my
Im a stumbling emotional over the top

2021 Lamar & Friends Christmas Crossword

2021 Lamar & Friends Christmas Crossword

I like classical music
I worked at Krispy Kreme in High School
Favorite movie is Elf
Was born October 16th
Never had a hamburger
Has a matching tattoo with someone in the family
Ride around with passport application in car
Did modern dance & hip hop in college
Rejected opportunity to be in the spelling bee
Was born Nov 11th
Was born Nov 7th
Don’t drink white milk
I never had nails painted
I do not gamble
Failed GA History in middle school
I have 6 sisters and 1 brother
Worst XMAS present - Skates
I like Rock and Roll music
I play chess
I like anime
I do not have a favorite color

Enthusiasm for Life Crossword


Not having lessons for half an hour.
Old Gym Game.
What do you do at 1.45pm?
Make sure your calculations are correct
School outings
The king must fall.
who looks after us at school?
What lesson would you code in?
The opposite of lonely/foes.
A place with lots of trees at break.
Time to sleep.
Lots and lots of books and silence
Middle C
Fitness, Matches, Competitive
Always look on the bright side of life
Bacon, Eggs and sugary cereal! "Yummy in my tummy!"

Eleanor and Park Crossword


The standards that are forced on both men and women to appear pretty or handsome
A time in ones' life in between childhood and adulthood
The red-headed, fierce protagonist's full name
The Asian American protagonist's full name
The home of both protagonists in the beginning of the novel
Where Eleanor lived at the end of the novel
A genre based on love and charm
A genre of the protagonist's journey(s) from being a child to being an adult.
A quote in the novel of what art isn't supposed to be
The act of leaving or getting out
The noun of two people being infatuated with eachother
The adjective used to describe something as being humorous
The point of view from an outside perspective
The adjective used to describe something as being individual and personalised
The compilation of music traded between the protagonists used to bring them closer
The cartoons traded among the protagonists as a symbol of bringing them closer

Us in School Crossword


What is our traditional game to play in class?
A type of biscuit you like to get from the school canteen?
A person who listens into our conversations at school?
My favourite thing to get from the school canteen to eat?
Someone who thinks they're the "coolest" teacher?
The insect we took photos of in one of our vlogs?
Mrs Owen corrected us when we said our work was ________ ?
A teacher who picks on you a lot in class?
Our books look aesthetic for what lesson?
The best assistant teacher is?
Name of the lesson we have a scary but funny teacher for? (clue: knocking on the table)

OUR BRAIN Crossword


Someone who is very smart, is very In____________________.
The organ of our body that controls our thinking and our body movements
This test measures how intelligent we are
If we like to sing songs and can play musical instruments, we are m _ _ _ _ sm_ _ t
People who are good at dancing and sport are b _ _ _ s _ _ _ t
The use this part of our brain to remember things
Our brain uses 20% of the ox_ _ _ _ that our body needs
This animal has the largest brain of all living creatures
A mouse's brain is ________________ than a cat's
When we make ______________ in our mind, it helps us to remember things
Someone who likes to be outdoors and knows the names of animals and plants, is ______________ smart.
If you have a good memory, you can _________________________ things well
Another word for "smart"
Our brain controls our whole body and can do so many things! Our brain is really p__________________________.
An elephant's brain is larger than the human brain, but humans are more ______________________________.have larger
Someone who likes reading and is good at languages, is _________ smart.
When we think about many things, we have a lot on our _____________.