Helps blood clot Vitamin K
Builds bones and teeth. Helps muscles and nerves work Calcium
Diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia are symptoms of Pellagra
Having an Iron deficiency and not getting the right nutrients can lead to _______ Anemia
If not getting enough vitamin C you could developed Scurvy
_____ helps cells use oxygen Iron
Helps wounds heal and promotes normal growth Zinc
Vitamin C is found in Oranges
Suffering from night blindness means you need more _______ Vitamin A
If you eat too much fish you could be poisoned by ________ Mercury
The body needs over 50 different _______ Nutrients
Goiter is a disease of a _______ deficiency Iodine
Bananas is a great source of ________ Potassium
Fatigue, weakness, poor appetite, constipation are all symptoms of ______ Anemia
Brittle bones and bow legs are symptoms of Rickets
_____ affects nervous system, pain, vomiting, difficulty walking Beriberi
____ helps teeth resist decay maintains bone health Fluorine
Beriberi is a disease of a ______ deficiency Thiamin
Edema, irritability, anorexia, enlarged liver are all symptoms of ________ Kwashiorkor
Rickets is a disease of having a ______ deficiency Vitamin D

Nutrients Crossword


Macro nutrient protein
deficiency disease vitamin A nightblindness
deficiency disease vitamin D rickets
source of vitamin d sunshine
source of vitamin e, many people have allergies to this nuts
the vitamin that helps blood clot k
deficiency disease of calcium osteoporsis
deficiency disease of iron anaemia
fat soluble vitamins adek
water soluble vitamins bc
a macro nutrient carbohydrate
helps prevent bowel disease and constipation fibre
the function of this vitamin is to release energy from food and health nerves b
the function of this vitamin is to heal cuts and wounds c
deficiency disease of vitamin b beriberi
deficiency disease of vitamin c scurvy
another name for vitamin c ascorbicacid
another deficiency disease of vitamin b pellagra
a source of vitamin b from an animal meat
a citrus source of vitamin c orange
a mineral found in the bones of tinned fish calcium
the RDA of this nutrient if 25-35g aday fibre
iron makes this substance in the blood, it helps carry oxygen haemoglobin
this vitamin helps absorb calcium d
this vitamin helps absorb iron c
this mineral helps make teeth strong flourine
this mineral controls water balance in the body sodium
this mineral combines with calcium for strong bones and teeth phosphorous
we should drink 8 glasses of this aday water
this nutrient helps produce hormones, enzymes and antibodies protein
this nutrient protects our delicate organs fat
too much of this type of fat builds cholestrol on the walls of our arteries saturated

Chapter 2: Nutritional Needs Crossword


High blood pressure Hypertension
The study of how the body uses the nutrient in food Nutrition
Starches and fiber are often called _______ carbohydrates. Complex
A condition resulting from a calcium deficiency, which is characterized by porous, brittle bones. Osteoporosis
A vitamin that dissolves in fats and can be stored in the fatty tissues of the body. Fat soluble
A mineral, such as iron or iodine, that is needed in the diet in amounts of less than 10 milligrams per day is called a(n) _____ element. Trace
A condition resulting from deficiencies of various nutrients, which is characterized by a reduced number of red blood cells in the bloodstream. Anemia
A nutrient required by the body to lubricate the joints and body cells and help regulate body temperature. Water
The bodily process of breaking food down into simpler compounds the body can use. Digestion
A disease of the nervous system resulting in a thiamin deficiency. Beriberi
A chemical chain that contains carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms. Fatty acid

Deficiency Diseases Crossword


lack of vitamin A nightblindness
lack of iron anaemia
lack of vitamin D rickets
lack of vitamin C scurvy
lack of calcium osteoporosis
lack of iodine goitre
lack of vitamin K bleeding
lack of protein and calories marasmus
lack of protein kwashiorkor
diet high in fats and calories obesity

6 main nutrients Crossword


what source does Complete proteins/fat come from? Animal
what source does incomplete proteins/fat come from? Plant
an example of a food item high in trans fat is? Cookies
what part of your body does water hydrate? Organs
what do carbohydrates,protein and fat all provide energy
folic acid is an example of a? Vitamin
Iron is an example of a? Mineral
plant sources of essential nutrients are sometimes refereed to as an? Alternative
what nutrient helps with tissue repair and growth? Protein
which vitamin assists in bone development? Vitamin D
OJ is a significant source of what vitamin? Vitamin C
olive oil, canola oil, fish oil , soy bean , tree nut , peanus and avacodo all contain what type of fat? Unsaturated fat
beef, chicken, pork, eggs,milk,cheese,yogurt,sour cream, cream cheese and butter all contain what type of fat? Saturated fat
out of all the six nutrients which one is exemplary of Milk? Protein
Carbohydrates are usually found in what type of product? Grain
Products with alot of sugar contain what type of nutrient? Carbohydrates
this is not a nutrient because it does not get absorbed by the body. Fibre
what type of mineral strengthens bones and teeth? Calcium
packaged foods have a high content of what? Sodium
when considering the six nutrients... it is important to maintain a... balance
other than drinking water, what food group can you get the MOST water from? fruits and vegtables
other than from the food you eat, what is another form of vitamins and minerals? supplements
which nutrients protects organs? fat
if you drink soda excessively what mineral deficiency could you get over time? Iron
the mineral, calcium is best found in which food group? Milk and alternatives
in our food and nutrition class, what beverage did we learn could cause a deficiency of essential nutrients? soda

Vitamins and Minerals Worksheet

Matching Worksheet

Positively charged extracellular electrolyte Sodium
Important for bone formation and a primary compound in ATP Phosphorus
Deficiency can lead to Beriberi Thiamine (Vitamin B1)
Vitamin deficiency that causes ariboflavinosis Riboflavin
Deficiency found in corn based diets causing Pellagra Niacin (Vitamin B3)
Reduces risk of CVD by converting a.a. Homocysteine to Cysteine Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6)
Too much of this vitamin can mask a simultaneous B12 deficiency Folate
Deficiency is seen in people who consume high amounts of egg whites over long period Biotin
Synthesis of thyroid hormone Iodine
Intrinsic factor aids in absorption in the small intestine Vitamin B12 (Cobalamine)
Water-soluble vitamin-like nutrient Choline
Negatively charged extracellular electrolyte Chloride
Hyperkalemia alters normal rhythms of the heart Potassium

Vitamins & Minerals Crossword


__________ helps in energy production and helps the body resist infection. NIACIN
Meat, poultry, leafy vegetables, dried fruit all help with _________. IRON
_________, orange fruits, dairy products all help with vitamin A. SPINACH
Vitamin E is a _____________. ANTIOXIDANT
Vitamin B helps protect against __________ and form red blood cells. INFECTION
Vitamin D enchances __________ absorption. CALCIUM
___________ builds and renews bones and teeth. PHOSPHORUS
Vitamin A promotes ___________ skin and hair. HEALTHY
Calcium regulates __________, muscles and nerves. HEARTBEAT
___________ maintains healthy nerves, brain and muscle functions. THIAMIN
A vitamin that keeps the lining of the nose,mouth and digestive tract healthy is ________. RIBOFLAVIN
Another name for folic acid that helps rebuild red blood cells and prevents birth defects is _________. FOLATE
Iron helps rebuild and renew _________ to carry oxygen to cells. HEMOGLOBIN
Sodium, chloride and ____________ help with muscles and nerve actions. POTASSIUM
Foods like meat, liver, fish, dairy products, whole grain breads are all good sources of _________. ZINC
Sodium, chloride and potassium help maintain the body's __________ of fluid. BALANCE
Small amounts of __________ is added to the water supply in many communities. FLUORIDE
Vitamin K helps blood ________. CLOT
The body also ____________ vitamin D itself when exposed to sunlight. PRODUCES
Vitamin C helps wounds ________, keeps blood vessels healthy and increases resistance to infections. HEAL

Micronutrients Crossword


A, B, C, D, E, K Vitamins
Calcium, magnesium, sodium, iodine, iron are examples. Minerals
Citrus fruits, tomatoes and tomato juice, and potatoes are major contributors of ________________ to the American diet Vitamin C
Deficiency of vitamin D in adults can lead to_______________. Osteomalacia
Milk, yogurt, and cheese are rich natural sources of ____________ and are the major food contributors of this nutrient to people in the United States. Calcium
The best source of vitamin D Sun
The body uses sodium to control ______________ _________________ Blood pressure
This mineral started being added to table salt in 1924 to prevent goiter Iodine
These vitamins are fat soluble. ADEK
These vitamins are water soluble. BC
When levels of this mineral are low, fatigue, weakness and difficulty maintaining body temperature often result. iron
Whole grains are a good source of this mineral. Magnesium
Deficiency of this mineral has been proven to result in weakened immune system which may lead to having more colds. Zinc
There are this many vitamins that make up vitamin B complex eight
Iron is best absorbed from _____________ sources. Animal
___________ are high in vitamin A and may turn your skin orange if you eat too many. Carrots
Vitamin E is required for the proper function of many organs in the body, and is also an _____________. This means it helps to slow down processes that damage cells. Antioxidant
This mineral helps regulate fluid balance, muscle contractions and nerve signals. Potassium
This mineral works with calcium to help build bones Phosphorus

Nutrition 1010 Word Search

Word Search

olive oil
Ice cream
amino acid
free radical
Food guide
aerobic activity
Vitamin E
Beta carotene
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
small intestine



Vitamin A can be found in vegetables and fruits that are this color orange
When you spend time outside in the sunshine, your body makes Vitamin D
Vitamins are Fat Soluble A D E K
Type of vitamins that needs to be taken daily because they regularly gets flushed out water soluble
Fat soluble vitamin that is an antioxidant and good for your skin Vitamin E
This vitamin is good for your immune system and found in citrus fruits Vitamin C
_____________________ - flav is usually add back into bread & grain products Riboflavin
Pregnant women need this before an during pregnancy Folate
Only found in Animal Foods Vitamin B12
Makes up 60% of your body Water
Dangerous for kids because they can easily overdose Caffeine
Found in milk, a mineral good for bones Calcium
Many Americans get much more of this than they need Sodium
Found in Bananas, an important electrolyte Potassium
Deficiency in this is called anemia Iron
Vegans are at risk for being low in iron and vitamin B12
Trace Mineral that has 100 functions in the human body zinc
Needed in very small amounts but very important Trace minerals

The 6 Main Nutrients Crossword


What mineral helps strengthen bones and teeth? Calcium
75% of your body is composed of this Water
Saturated and Unsaturated are examples of what? Fats
A lack of this vitamin can cause scurvy Vitamin C
Another word for salt is? Sodium
This nutrient is important during pregnacy Folic Acid
Peanuts, Treenuts, Whole Grains and Oils are food sources for what nutrient? Vitamin E
Trans Fat is in what type of food? Processed
Simple and _______ carbohydrates Complex
Vitamin C helps this system function? Immune
What nutrient helps carry oxegen to the cells? Iron
Caloriesis another word for ______ Energy
What is the source for unsaturated fat? Plants
Beef, Chicken, Pork, Eggs, Milk, Cheese, Sour Cream, Butter and Yogurt come from this source? Animals
14 is examples of this type of fat? Saturated
_____ is not considered a nutrient because it does not get absorbed by the body. Fibre
Vitamin K promotes ______ blood clotting Normal
__________ protein helps with tissue repair and growth Incomplete
Jam and Cornsyrup are examples of ______ _____________. simple carbohydrates
Vitamin D helps to prevent __________ depression
Vitamin A helps prevent night _________ blindness
Vitamin E is an ___________ antioxident