Verifer (Day 1) Crossword

similar items being sold as each other
On hand inventory is different from POS
what chat is used to communicate with OSRs
The person who brings you call backs
Incorrect discount is considered a mis____
Card color of online orders
Card color of in store orders
You do not move order cards at this stage
You fulfill the order cards when it is moved to
Who do you contact for online order change
Non-discountable edible brand
who receives 8% off their order?
Non-discountable wonderbrett strain
First timers receive 10% off and a free _____
Tincture brand that is non-discountable
Receives 2% off their order
Products in Reserved are ______ orders
Products in P&R are _____ orders
Items 5 or under go in the ______
review product line on receipt like a ____

Marketing Crossword Puzzle

Marketing Crossword Puzzle

activity that supports or provides active encouragement for the furtherance of a cause, venture, or aim.
Activity that supports or provided active encouragement for the furtherance of a cause, venture, or aim.
websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.
A press release, news release, media release, press statement or video release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something ostensibly newsworthy
A pull strategy is where interest for a specific product or service is created within a target audience that then demands the product from channel partners.
Actions intended to convince individuals to purchase a good or service.
a thing that motivates or encourages one to do something.
a small open-fronted hut or cubicle from which newspapers, refreshments, tickets, etc., are sold.
In marketing, promotion refers to any type of marketing communication used to inform or persuade target audiences of the relative merits of a product, service, brand or issue.
the activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services.
Sales promotion is one level or type of marketing aimed either at the consumer or at the distribution channel (in the form of sales-incentives).
the notice or attention given to someone or something by the media
a voucher entitling the holder to a discount for a particular product.
pertaining to or designating a sale in which the buyer in order to get the item desired must also purchase one or more other, usually undesired, items
A marketing approach that demonstrates the goodwill of an organization or individual in order to boost its public relations appeal.
the business of selling products or services directly to the public, e.g., by mail order or telephone selling, rather than through retailers.
the professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person.
A marketing policy aimed at distribution centers to encourage their promotion of a product or services to their customers.
marketing activities that are executed in retail between these two partners.
an amount to be paid for an insurance policy.
a structured and long-term marketing effort which provides incentives to repeat customers who demonstrate loyal buying behavior.
focuses on touting the benefits, ideas, or philosophies of your business, or its entire industry, to enhance or repair its reputation rather than selling a product or service.
treated as singular or plural Means of mass communication in the form of printed publications, such as newspapers and magazines.
the most expedient means to transmit information immediately to the widest possible audience
a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.
method of placing online advertisements on web pages that show results from search engine queries
The rate at which something occurs or is repeated over a particular period of time or in a given sample.
an activity or series of activities that boost the sales of a product or service, usually in the short-term.
an Internet advertising term for a Web page ad that uses advanced technology

Hospitality Crossword

Hospitality  Crossword

Restaurant person who is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional
A hotel employee whose job is to assist guests by booking tours, making theatre and restaurant reservations
Maid in a hotel who cleans the rooms
A person employed in a hotel to receive guests and deal with their bookings
Hotel employee who handles calls from guests who want to make a room reservation
A professional cook
Person who accepts orders from the dining room, relays them to the appropriate stations of the kitchen, and checks each plate before it leaves the kitchen
Food list
Employee who delivers luggage to your hotel room
A place to stay with lots of rooms
Another term for a booking
Head waiter
Person responsible for washing up, cleaning and basic food preparation
What you need to pay at the end of your meal

Payroll Crossword

Payroll Crossword

What software program is replacing ICMHR?
In what month is National Payroll Week?
An involuntary dedution of wages per court order
Howie's favorite store
Software used to calculate net pay
Our current pay option vendor
Our vendor for employment verifications and online W-2
Hours worked over 40 hours are considered this
Acronym for child support orders received electronically
Acronym for non-profit organization that manages electronic money transfers
Total money received before deductions
Current software used for HR, benefits, and payroll
Organization of workers who have come together to achieve common goals
Appointed by state government to serve as an impartial witness to signatures
Howie's favorite restaurant
Software used for talent management and executive reviews

Noun Crossword Puzzle

Noun Crossword Puzzle

Large amount of water. (common)
Something you access online. (common)
Somewhere you go out to eat. (common)
A popular fizzy drink company. (proper)
A popular chocolate company. (proper)
A popular shoe brand. (proper)
A popular fast food outlet. (proper)
A popular caffe. (proper)
A vehicle that you drive. (common)
An item of clothing that you put over your clothes to keep you warm. (common)
A job that you create paintings or drawings in. (concrete)
A person in court who decided the outcome of the defendants. (concrete)
Something that is in the sky. (concrete)
An animal that you own and take care of. (concrete)
Something that you write with and can rub out. (concrete)
When someone dies and you are very sad afterwards. (abstract)
When a person offers to look after you or offers you things you need. (abstract)
When you put food into your mouth you can do this. (abstract)
When you are vey upset about something. (abstract)
When a person or people typically live in a country that is corrupt or poor they live in _______. (abstract)

Banking Terms Crossword

Banking Terms Crossword

Bank branch offices, hours of operation, availability of ATM
Direct deposit, automatic payments, overdraft protects, online banking, discounts or free checking for students
Monthly charges, per check costs, printing of checks, balance inquiry cost, ATM checks
Minimum balance, holding period for deposited checks
An payment system where bills are paid through direct withdrawal from a bank account
A financial cooperative owned by its members to serve its members. It offers the same financial services as a bank
Allow customers to get cash and conduct banking transactions
An account that allows you to deposit money and write checks on that account.
The amount of money currently in an account
A business that keeps money safe fro its customers, lends money to borrowers, and provides other financial services
A banking card that can be used to purchase goods and services electronically. The amount is transferred immediately.
The least amount of money a bank requires when opening an account
The money put into a bank account
A savings or checking account set up in the names of more than one person
The money a bank pays for the use of a person’s money. Interest is referred to in terms of annual percentage rate (APR)
Tells how much money you currently have in your account (account balance)
A secret number or code that protects the security of an account
An amount of money taken out of an account
A bank account that allows you to put money away to use later. The bank pays interest in exchange for the use of the money in the account
Business done with a bank, including deposits, and withdrawals
A bank employee who performs banking services for the public, such as cashing checks and accepting deposits

Financial Literacy Crossword

Financial Literacy Crossword

a sum of money that is borrowed and expected to be paid back with interest in a specified time frame
the amount charged, expressed as a percentage of principal, by a lender to a borrower for the use of assets
the annual rate that is charged for borrowing
a card that allows customers to access their funds immediately from their checking account
a card that can be used at a store, restaurant, online, etc. that allows the cardholder to make a purchase immediately but then pay back the money later
a card that usually does not charge interest; however it requires the cardholder to pay off his/her balance in full every month
contains information about your credit such as loan paying history and the status of your credit accounts. Lenders use these reports to make lending decisions
the sense of regret after buying something
allows you to track your income and your expenses
a nonprofit-making money cooperative whose members can borrow from pooled deposits at low interest rates
an amount of money that you owe to a person, bank, or company

Intro to Business Management Crossword

Intro to Business Management Crossword

Which leadership is considered the best?
A company who puts a group of people in charge.
Manager who gives employees the power to run things.
Links all the steps in a process digitally.
Sells products in stores via mail and online.
To raise money you can sell what?
A business that gathers raw products in their natural state.
Divides a company into different departments.
A contractual agreement to sell a company's products or services.
An organization owned and operated by its members.
Purchases goods from a wholesaler.
Also known as a distributor, distributes goods.
Changes raw materials into more finished products.
A business owned by two or more people.
The money left over.

Credit Cards Crossword

Credit Cards Crossword

Any card that may be used repeatedly to borrow money or buy products and services on credit.
Any card that may be used repeatedly to borrow money or buy products and services on credit.
A payment made to a professional person or to a professional or public body in exchange for advice or services.
A current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes; coins and banknotes collectively
The fee charged by a lender to a borrower for the use of borrowed money, usually expressed as an annual percentage of the principal; the rate is dependent upon the time value of money, the credit risk of the borrower, and the inflation rate.
The amount of money owed to the credit card company.
A place where you can keep your money safe
When you don't pay bills on time
When you pay your bills on time
A contractual agreement in which a borrower receives something of value now and agrees to repay the lender at some later date.
When a person you work for or your boss pays you not in cash
A price that one has to pay
When you put money or a check into your acount
The record of use of debt.
A bank account equally shared by two or more people
Charged by a credit card company each year for use of a credit card.
A three digit number that summarizes how well a person or business has handled debt and credit
The total cost of borrowing, including interest and fees, expressed in a dollar amount.
Consumers or businesses seek legal assistance when bills cannot be paid.
An amount owed

beauty Crossword

beauty Crossword

What is the biggest shopping centre in sheffield called ?(M)
which clothing brands logo is a crocodile ?(L)
'just do it' is which brands slogan ?(N)
Name a three letter cosmetic brand ?(M)
Which model is the face of Rimmel London ?(K)
Which brand sponsors sheffields pink supertram ?(P)
Peanutbutter describes what makeup product colour ?(L)
Which famous designer brands items are marked with 'MK' ?(M)
What do you get when you mix jeans and leggings ?(J)
On which designer brands clothes items does the name finish in jeans ?(C)
Which Itallian Brands logo has two green stripes with a red stripe in the middle ?(G)

E-commerce Terms Crossword

E-commerce Terms Crossword

A virtual market or industry where goods are exchanged, bought, or sold through telecommunication technologies.
Business that include the transaction of buying or selling online (the internet).
Applications or services that are enabled or accessible through mobile devices (wireless handheld devices).
A financial document that represents an investment in a stock (a publicly-traded corporation) or bond (a creditor relationship with a corporation).
The plan implemented by a company to generate revenue and make profit.
The idea or image of a specific product or service that consumers connect with- name, slogan, or design.
is a type of commerce transaction that is based on the exchange of products and services from one business to another.
business or transactions conducted directly between a company and consumers who are the end-users of its products or services.
Any type of business or commercial activity on the internet; the application of information.
It is a designated payment that is applicable by different methods of transaction such as credit card, PayPal, etc.