home meds
broken packager
get a tube for labs
1-HELP calls
need to make oral compound
narc gets tubed back
OB kits
crash cart
nurse needs med retimed
med compatibility
tube stations are down
nurse doesn't scan ClCa
YOU fall asleep
drug explodes in tube
Ashley makes random noise
Brendan is late
Cris trips over nothing
John visits
Beth talks about her chickens
2nd shift asks to leave early
Carrie looks at dog pictures
Ryan wears normal scrubs
Dan makes very bad joke
printer runs out of paper
Out of bubble wrap
Need to make a viokace
Need to make gastro (480ml)
need to make gastro (150ml)
need to make cream compound
out of protonix syringes
D/C note on returns
Nurse "can't" find med
code blue
brendan has to fix something
Cris skips through pharmacy
Jen complains about the boys
Ob calls more than 4 times
Need to call M.O.C.
Home meds to verifying
One call in for first shift
Two call ins for first shift
call to come fix pyxis
out of med for stat order
CV boxes aren't done
missing TPN
PT transfers but meds don't
GSW in the ED
ice machine is broken
You see the security dogs

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Pharm Bingo


"My Medications"


1 Samuel 1-14






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