WE LOVE DEAN Crossword

The most beautiful girl in the world
The other beaver
World’s strongest Dad
She created you
The best camp
You will come back here in a few weeks
Your next vacation
You will be going into this grade
Your favorite app
The name of your boat
The funniest most magical boy
Your brother’s middle name
The best football team
The object you miss the most from home
Another name for The Deckelbaums
Your sister was born in this month
Your parents are this age
Your sister’s favorite color
Something you hate
You only wear these clothes
You are this many years old
You make this for no reason
Hopefully your camp nickname
Did you puke while you were on this?

My girlfriend Crossword

My girlfriend  Crossword

Who is my favorite person?
What do you and a flower have in common?
What will your last name be very soon?
What word describes your appearance?
Where did we first spot one another?
What month did we make it official?
How long will be together?
What are you to me?
One word to describe our relationship?
What's one thing I'll do for you?
What's one thing I like the most about you ?
What's the best gift you've ever given me?
If I could share one thing with you it would be?

Celebrities Crossword

Celebrities Crossword

Geordie Shore Girl, Has her own clothing range on In The Style
This Morning presenter and celebrity juice team captain
Penny, Penny, Penny
Popular YouTube Duo, Zalfie
Your Song, How We Do
Popular teenagers, related with the Kardashians
Newish Geordie Gay Lad
Newish Geordie Shore Lass, Chloe ____
Geordie Shore's 'Natural Beauty'
The Fault In Our Stars Actress
Football Presenter Known For 'I don't know Geoff'
Liverpudlian Comedian
Geordie Comedian
Celebrity Juice team captain
If I don't see you through week I'll see you through window
It's ______ B**ch
Fancy and trouble singer
YouTube Sisters Who Specialise In Makeup
Huge X Factor Girl Group
Jet 2 Advert Singer
Marvin Humes wife
X Factor Cheeky Chappy
Green Day's Bass Guitarist
Green Day's Drummer
Muller Light Yoghurts
50s Role Model
Dutchess Of Cambridge
The 2 Princes
Lizzie McGuire
The Hotel Inspector
Tipping Point Presenter
Female Author

Cats Crossword

Cats Crossword

This breed is mostly female cats.
This breed is very common.
Cats puke these up.
Another name for kitten.
Cats drink this.
Cats go crazy for this.
These are for defence.
The sound a cat makes when it is content.
The most common sound a cat makes.
These cats go limp when picked up.
Cats play with these.
Another name for a cats fur.
Cats will chew this in the yard.
Another name for cat.

The Devil's Arithmetic Crossword

The Devil's Arithmetic Crossword

Has a big sister named Hannah
in blue cloth and hidden
Where Aaron hid the afikoman: clothes ___
Fayge's rabbi father: Reb ___
Grandpa Will and Grandma Belle's residence
Eight day Jewish festival held in December
Those taken to the fire
Apartment door opened to welcome him
Chaya's friend Rivka: Aunt ___
Chaya's aunt
Time travels to Polish village in 1940's
Mass destruction of European Jews
Jews made to carry the corpses
Annual Jewish feast
Hannah Stern's hometown: New ___
Means order
Chaya's uncle who fails to escape camp
Blue numbers burnt into flesh
Kommando Wolfe as a boy: Grandpa ___
Made Hannah's head hurt after she drank it

The Cumtown N-word Puzzle Brought To You By The New York Ass Times Crossword

The Cumtown N-word Puzzle Brought To You By The New York Ass Times Crossword

A person whose job this isn't
"Those people", racistly
The last word in the fictional social justice warrior acronym, "WON"
A country in Africa, spelled in a funnier way
The funnier way to pronounce the name of this African country, according to Terry Gross
Bill Maher, the ______ guy
Adam Freidland's favorite word
At Andre's Steakhouse patrons are greeted with an enthusiastic "What's up my _____"
Stavros Halkias receives the most requests on his twitch stream to say this word
During an early American war, a soldier journaled: My dearest Virginia, I invented the funniest word today... I can't wait to come home so I can whisper it in your sweet ear." What is the word
Adam Freidland gave his dog Isis this nickname
A group of "my mans"
When Stav's brother heckled Tom Myer, Tom assumed it was this type of person. Commenting to Stav, "Sometimes my act goes over the head of urban crowds"
For a long time, the top comment for the Shake it off video by Taylor Swift on YouTube was simply this word
Jerry Seinfeld popularized the saying "Hello ______" every time he would encounter another man in his apartment complex named Newman
On an episode of The Politics Faggot with Adam Freidland and Timothy Joshua one of the hosts calls Donald Trump this name
According to Nick Mullen you can only use this word if you are quoting a white guy
If this word gets used in an episode of Cumtown, it's premium content
The Coca-Cola classic of slurs
A man once said "You know what the real N-word is? Knowledge". He was mistaken, it is really this
Stav once screamed this at the top of his lungs during a Wu Tang concert
Stavs boyfriend is black and when he gets home Stav will say this word
Some refer to saying this as having a little piece of Boston Chocolate, verbally

Physical Education Crossword

Physical Education Crossword

Shorts Color
Shirt Color
Roll Call
Number of Make ups per absence
Best way to contact my PE teacher
My PE teacher's name
A Male PE teachers name
A Male PE teacher's name
A Female PE teacher's name
What I use to enter my fitness scores
Where I go for rentals
How many points to I get for a non dress
Push up test measures...
Sit up test measures....
Jumping Jacks and Stretching
Second unit
Laps to equal a mile
The heart system
My favorite class
There are how many fitness tests per semester?



Most important skill in dodgeball
Name of the person placed around a trampoline
Surname of famous Scottish tennis player
You might use them in the gym to build muscle
A skill in volleyball
Number of players in a professional basketball game
Football team who won last year's English Premier League
Surname of Famous Portugese footballer
Name of a sport that takes place in a velodrome
In netball, what does GA stand for?
In which sport might you do a lay-up?
How you start a game of badminton, volleyball and table tennis
Famous sports brand
First name of famous female American tennis player
High Intensity __________ Training
The colour associated with Liverpool FC
Surname of the Head of PE
Which sport would you find backstoke and butterfly?
The home of the Scotland rugby team
The colour associated of Lockhart house
Used in hockey to pass the ball
4 lettered martial art
Nationality of Usain Bolt
Oldest tennis tournament in the world
Number of players in a hockey team
Number of miles in a half marathon
First name of famous long distance British runner
What you win if you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a race
The colour of belt you would wear if you had mastered your martial art
Machine that allows you to run whilst staying in the same place

AVID crossword search

AVID crossword search

You need to have at least a 2.5 of this in every class
You declare this your first year of college
You can do this on campus if you live too far away
A group of people sharing a common interest
Something you can join in college
Someone you go to in college when you need advice
Someone in charge of a college
Someone in charge of a college department
The name of a four-year degree
a type of college graduating honors
One of the most important goals in college
A type of class you take in high school for college credit
The average time in years to complete an undergraduate degree
A way to get to school

Disney channel shows Word Search

Disney channel shows Word Search
Word Search

Best friends whenever
Stuck in the middle
Good luck Charlie
Girl meets world
That's so raven
Austin and ally
Liv and maddie
Walk the prink
Kc undercover
Biz aardvark

WW2 crossword puzzle

WW2 crossword puzzle

What was the name of the tank used by the U.S.?
What was the name of the beach where the most casualties happened during the D-Day invasion?
Hitler wrote this while imprisoned.
What was the name of the political party Hitler created?
Who was the dictator of the soviet union during WW2?
What political belief did Stalin want to spread through Europe?
What was the religion targeted by the Nazi party?
What was the name of Hitler's secret police?
This was the name of the German Air Force.
What was the German name for "lightning war"?
What country's troops were rescued at Dunkirk?
where was Hitlers second Blitzkrieg at?
The Allies attacked the Axis after what country was invaded?
What was Erwin Rommel's nickname?
What was the name of the operation where Germany invaded Russia?
This season turned German forces away from Russia.
What was the name of the massacre where many Chinese people were killed?
What was the name of the female riveter on U.S. propaganda posters?
This U.S. aircraft dropped torpedoes into the water to take out japanese ships.
This battle was a turning point for the U.S. in the Pacififc.
Who led the allies in North Africa?
What was the type of bomb dropped on japan twice?
This light machine gun was usually mounted on U.S. tanks and jeeps.
What was the name of the battle launched by Hitler as a counter attack?
The big three consisted of Roosevelt,Stalin and who else?
What was the name of Hitler's favorite battleship?
Towards the end of the war the The Big Three met where to discuss the future of the Soviet Union.
Who was the leader of the Nazi party?
This Japanese occupied island was a key to success in the pacific.
What was the name of the British Air Force's choice of fighter plane?
Who was the manufacturer for the the U.S. service pistol,the M1911?
What was the name for Japanese suicide pilots?
Hitler's troops marched through this during the invasion of France.
This was the name of the mass genocide of the Jews.
Which German deathcamp was known to be the most brutal?
This German death camp was the only camp where all the prisoners escaped.
This was the only state that got attacked during WW2.
What was the name of the U.S. naval base bombed during WW2?
Wher were the trials held for SS officers commited of war crimes?