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Ethics & Compliance Week 2021 Crossword Puzzle

Ethics & Compliance Week 2021 Crossword Puzzle

Common workplace ethic of respecting others and working well together.
Federal laws that provide protection from retribution against someone for reporting a suspected violation.
The capacity to do what is right even in the face of temptation to do otherwise.
Taking another’s property or money by a person to whom it has been entrusted.
When one obtains money or property by lying about a past or existing fact. False
Offering or giving anything of value to get or keep business or to influence performance of an official.
Obtaining money or other property by wrongful use of force or the power of office.
The duty of a business to contribute to the wellbeing of society. Social
An employee who speaks out about misconduct, malpractice, or corruption.
Set of standards or rules that guide business behavior in a positive direction. Code of
A person’s personal philosophies about what is right or wrong.
Use of confidential corporate information to buy or sell stocks. Insider
Deliberate deception to gain an unlawful advantage.
Crime against the environment. Green
Economic crimes committed by professionals in the course of their work. White Collar
Hiding money obtained illegally by putting it in legal businesses. Money
Negative or unfair treatment based on personal characteristics rather than job performance, skills, or merit.
Unwelcome conduct from another whose actions, communication, or behavior mocks, demeans, disparages, or ridicules an employee.
Sentenced to 150 years in prison for largest Ponzi scheme in history.
Its use poses a potential conflict between employees' rights to express themselves and an organization's need to preserve its reputation, intellectual property, and information its legally obligated to protect. Social
Responsible for making ethical choices to maintain our company's reputation for fair, honest business practices.
The set of measures taken to ensure that networks, systems, & data breaches are avoided.
A lifestyle influencer who served 5 months in federal prison and paid fines of treble damages in connection to allegations of insider trading. Martha
An unauthorized person viewing confidential data is an example of a reportable _______ incident.

The merchant of Venice Crossword


Who wrote "the Merchant of Venice"?
What religion is Shylock?
What is the relationship between Shylock and Antonio?
Who is Portia's handmaiden?
Who is Bassanio in love with?
Who is Shylocks daughter?
What is Antonios job?
How many caskets are there for the suitors to choose from?
Jessica loves who?
Shylock's closest friend?
The city where Portia lives?
Shylock was not allowed to take Antonio's .......
Venice and Belmont are cities in which country?
Who chooses the Silver casket? The prince of .......
How much flesh must Antonio pay Shylock? A

Crossword - Oscars


a person whose profession is acting on the stage, films, or on television (man)
a thing given in recognition of achievement
a person who is nominated as a candidate for election or for an honour or award
a person whose profession is acting on the stage, films, or on television (woman)
a famous person
a story or event recorded by a camera and shown in a cinema or on television
a person who supervises the actors and other staff in a film
a prize or other mark of recognition given in honour of an achievement
the golden statuette given to the winners
platform on which actors, entertainers, or speakers perform/speak
ordinary people attending an event

Ch 20 Key Terms Test Crossword

Ch 20 Key Terms Test Crossword

To leave one homeland to live elsewhere because of economic troubles and settle in another
a minority that speaks a different language or follows different customs than the majority of people in a country
A large open area beneath a ship's deck, often used to house traveling immigrants
A shop or factory where workers work long hours at low wages under unhealthy conditions
to absorb fully; to adopt as one's own; to absorb a group into the culture of a larger population
A building in which several families rent rooms or apartments, often with little sanitation or safety
poor, crowded, and run-down urban neighborhoods
residential areas that sprang up close to or surrounding cities as a result of improvements in transportation
the name associated with America in the late 1800s, referring to the extravagant wealth of a few and the terrible poverty that lay underneath
institutions located in a poor neighbor-hood that provided numerous community services such as medical care, child care, libraries, and classes in English
state educational institutions built with the benefit of federally donated lands
writing which exaggerates sensational, dramatic, and gruesome events to attract readers, named for stories that were popular during the late 1800s; a type of sensational, biased, and often false reporting
A 19th century artistic movement in which writers and painters sought to show life as it is rather than life as it should be
loyalty to a local area
a type of music with a strong rhythm and a lively melody with accented notes, which was popular in early 1900s
stage entertainment made up of various acts, such as dancing, singing, comedy, and magic shows

Drama Crossword


Draw attention away from what is important
Money paid to the writer by a producer when the writer’s play is performed
Conversation between two or more people
Telling a story directly to the audience without acting it out
Acting without sound; using the body to tell a story
The background sound for a movie or play
An activity that involves actors and an audience in a situation where the action is live, rather than recorded
Standing in front of another actor so that the audience cannot see that performer
The rules of the stage
A still picture on stage
Noticing the good points about a presentation
Looking back and paying attention to what could be improved
A person who assists people in their recovery

Crime and Law 1 Crossword


someone who obtains money from people or forces them to do something b
an informal term for a British policeman
money or a present that you give to someone so that they will do something for you, usually something dishonest
a person who illegally enters buildings and steals things
the crime of illegally entering a building and stealing things
uncomplimentary terms for a policeman, especially in the USA
a public building in which courts of law are held
a sentence of punishment by execution
a person against whom an action or claim is brought in a court of law
violence, or physical abuse directed toward a spouse or domestic partner; usually violence by men against women
driving a vehicle after drinking too much alcohol
selling drugs
a special chair which is used to kill a criminal with a current of electricity

Aoibh's Book Crossword


Who is J.K. Rowling's famous book series' main character?
Who wrote the classic 'Little Women'
Who's famous diary brings us into the life of a young Jew in WW2?
Which book follows five students at 'Bayview High' working out the mystery of Simon's murder?
Which famous modern classic has 24 tributes that go into the arena and fight each other to death until one tribute is left standing?
What is the last name of the author who wrote 'Katy', 'The Illustrated Mum' and 'Love Frankie'?
Which book series, written by Stephanie Meller, follows the love story between a vampire and a human girl?
Who wrote the book series, 'A series of unfortunate Events'?
Which author, who I share birthday with, writes many books about animals?
Who wrote 'The Secret Seven' and 'The Famous Five'?
Who is the author of the book series including a lion, an old wizard and a handful of kids (one of the books is 'The lion, the witch and the wardrobe')?
What book includes the characters 'Piggy', 'Jack' and 'Simon' lost on an island with no one else but 50 other boys?

Crime and Law - burglary Crossword


someone who obtains money from people or forces them to do something.
informal term for British police
money or present given to someone to do something for you
person who illegally enters buildings and steals things
crime of illegally entering a building and stealing things
crime of stealing someone's car while they are using it
work people do to help others without being paid - COMMUNITY
uncomplimentary term for policeman in the United States
a public building in which courts of law are held
a room in which the legal proceedings of a court are held
sentence of punishment by execution DEATH
person against whom an action or claim is brought in court of law
physical abuse toward your spouse or domestic partner DOMESITC
driving a vehicle after drinking too much DRUNK
selling drugs DRUG
special chair used to kill a criminal with a current of electricity ELECTRIC

Respiratory Therapy week Oct 24-30 Crossword


The only organ in the body that can float is...
The surface area of the lungs is roughly the same size as...
What is the quickest way to get a oxygen reading
Who would you call if a patient is having SOB?
If a PT. has a saturation of 90%. what would you place the pt. on?
When a patient stops breathing you use what?
When the Patient is apneic, The Doctor can order a
When the Patient is apneic, The Doctor can order or
Who are your RT therapists?
Do we own a ventilator?

Katz family Crossword


Zaidys name
Bubby’s name
Rochelas age
Aliza’s job
Henny wants a
SHLOMO lives in
Menachem is
Faigy does
Eli is the
Lazy is the
Dovi gives a
Dovid does
Chaya is a
Michael is a
Binyamin is
Tzipporah is