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  • Has Been to Hawaii
  • Has at Least 2 Siblings
  • Speaks Another Language
  • Likes Snakes
  • Likes Spaghetti
  • Plays Soccer
  • Plays the Piano
  • Went to a Camp this Summer
  • Knows how to Ski
  • Favorite Color is Green
  • Has a Dog
  • Can Curl their Tongue
  • Has Never Been on an Airplane
  • Likes the St. Louis Cardinals
  • Has Seen the Movie Cars 3
  • Has a Summer Birthday
  • Has Been Snorkeling
  • Has Lived in Another State
  • Has Been to the Beach
  • Has Been to Disneyworld
  • Likes Tomatoes
  • Has Red Hair
  • Has Yellow on Their Shirt
  • Likes to Ride Their Bike