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Pre Columbian America Crossword


The Inca's way of farming in the high mountains
A city that and its surrounding territory forms an independent state
An adventurer or Conqueror, the New World in the 16th century
This civilization was located on the Yucatán Peninsula.
The widespread transfer of plants, foods, diseases, and ideas between the New World
Belief in or worship of more than one god
This civilization was located in the Andes mountains
This civilization dominated central and southern Mexico through force and a tribute system
The historic region comprises the modern-day countries of northern Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, and central to southern Mexico
A system is a class structure that is determined by birth

The Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas Crossword

 The Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas Crossword

Which of the three empires came first?
Which empire came right after the Mayans?
3.Which empire came last?
What was the name of the Aztec capital?
The ______ is an important aspect in Aztec religion.
Like many other ancient civilizations, the Incas practiced _________.
What was was another name for "Aztec emperor"?
What was the name of the Mayan leaders?
What did the Incas call there ruler?
What was an important Aztec food?
Aztec families were part of a bigger group called the _________.
What was the most important Aztec god?
One of the most important Aspects in Aztec technology is the Aztec __________.
What was one of the main Inca foods?(Hint: Similar to the important food that the Aztecs ate.
The most important god in Inca religion is ___________.
A __________ is a series of strings and knots that the Incas used for messages.
Where did the Incas mainly live?
What is a group of families that worked together called in Inca society?
What was the Maya civilization divided up into?
In Maya goverment, what were military leaders called?
Which Mayan god was the god of fire and also the most important god?
What is another name for the Mayan god Bolon Tzacab?
The Mayans had strict laws. Crimes were often punished with_________.
In Mayan religion, who is responsible for doing things like predicting the future?

Happy Halloween from The Aztecs, Mayas, and Incas! Word Search

Happy Halloween from The Aztecs, Mayas, and Incas!  Word Search
Word Search

public administrators
social hierarchy
Machu Picchu
Chichen Itza
god of fire
city states
Sapa Inca

Americas Crossword

Americas Crossword

The Cross hunter-gatherers used to reach Americas
Mayan Currency
Book of recorded Mayan hieroglyphics
contained the Pyramid of the Sun
Belief in the sun god, Inti
Top of Mayan class structure
used as symbols of unity
one of the largest pueblos
Mayan version of the story of creation
first major civilization of central Mexico
Valuable trading item in Teotihuacan
God in Aztec myth
Aztec city on a small island in Lake Texcoco
Aztec agricultural adaptation
believed to be descendants of Inti
Son of Veracocha
Empire name of the Inca
Incan language
sacred Incan shrine
Humans were sacrificed to this god
capital is Tula
many nature gods
created large burial mounds
Isle of land Mayans inhabited
Mysterious decline
11 noble lineages were called Big Ears or
Inca expanded quickly under his leadership
Used a terracing system
Inca record-keeping device
All Incan roads led to

Aztecs Crossword

Aztecs Crossword

Where did the Aztecs live in the 14th and 16th centuries?
What were the Aztecs defeated by?
They had an advanced system for writing and keeping .....
What civilisation began in 2000 bc?
What empire was also known as sapa inca?
What did the aztecs call their ruler?
Families belonged to a larger group called the ...
What language did the Aztecs speak?
Who conquered the Aztec empire?
What was the most well known bad omen?

Mesoamerican Word Search

Mesoamerican Word Search
Word Search

Henry the Navigator
Francisco Pizarro
Valley of Mexico
Banded-eye God
Herman Cortes
Machu Picchu
Maize God
Sapa Inca
Water God

Maya, Inca, Aztec, and Machu Picchu Crossword

Maya, Inca, Aztec, and Machu Picchu Crossword

What does Machu Picchu mean?
What were the names of sacred objects in the Inca empire?
What 2 civilizations were close to each other in the globe, but were completely different?
Which two of the three civilizations at the top recorded their own history
How long did the Aztec and Incan civilizations survive before they got wiped out by the spanish
A lot of mayan writing was on ___________, _____________, and ___________________
What was the Incan empire made out of?
What was the capital of the Incan empire?
How big was the Incan empire?
What mountain range was next to the Incan empire?
What rainforest was the Incan empire next to?
What is one of the "essential technologies" that the Incas lacked
What is one of the "essential technologies" that the Incas lacked
What is one of the "essential technologies" that the Incas lacked
How many people lived in the Incan empire?
What two metals did the Incas do without?
__% of Incas died of smallpox
Machu Picchu was discovered in this year.
The Incas did many sucssesful _____ __________.
The Incas discovered how to do this to food.
The Maya were ________ for most of the time.
The Aztecs used ___________ as writing
Smallpox was brought to the Inca and Aztecs from North and Central _______.
The Incas worked these three metals amazingly.
Which Incan king was the most significant?
Incas mainly ate these three things.
At the age of 14 men of nobility started wearing large gold ________.
The Sapa Inca's wife was called the ____.
The first main Incan tax was by splitting up a part of an ayllu's _____.
Machu Picchu had a lot of earthquakes because it was built on two of these.

Networks of Exchange Crossword


What Muslim scholar travelled through the known medieval world documenting his travels as he went?
What monarch is credited with beginning Manlike expansion and creating the Mali Empire?
The first Ming emperor of China was
Where was the capital of the Mongol empire under Chinggis Khan?
What Chinese dynasty succeeded the Mongol Yuan dynasty in China?
In the early 12th century, the Jin kingdom of northern China was defeated by a Mongol confederation under the leadership of Chinggis Khan's great grandfather,
Who was the Turkic nomadic leader who began a period of conquest beginning in the 1360s?
What admiral commanded China's great overseas expeditions between 1405 and 1433?
What Russian city profited most from the Mongol invasion?
In 1271, Kubilai Khan changed the name of the Mongol dynasty in China to

Maya, Aztec Crossword Review

Maya, Aztec Crossword Review

Located on the Yucatán Peninsula
Conquistador that conquered the Aztec
Maya calendar that was based on the cycles of creation and destruction
Basic food for the majority of the Maya population
God that directly impacted the Aztecs everyday lives
Civilization located in and along the Andes Mountains
Writing system used by the Mayans
Used as form of money in the markets
A way to appease the gods on special ceremonial occasions
Civilization located in Central Mexico
Aztec city that is underneath present day Mexico City
The areas of Mexico and Central America where ancient empire flourished
Tenochtitlan, Tetzcoco, Tlacopan
The Aztec were driven into the swamps and islands of this lake
Aztec god of war and of the sun. Told them how they would know when their journey would end.

Maya Aztec Inca Crossword

Maya Aztec Inca Crossword

What is a large region controlled by one ruler or government?
What is an advanced society that shares a common language and way of life?
The Mayan civilization was not a single, unified empire but a group of ________ with a common language.
What do you call the type of farming used by the Maya people who lived in dense, thick forests?
What kind of farming did the Maya and Inca people use in mountainous areas?
The Aztec people who lived in regions surrounded by water/marshy areas used a special kind of farming called _.
What do the Inca people call the ruler (aka Son of the Sun)?
Who told the Aztec people how to behave so they would not anger the gods?
How often did the Aztec people need to worship the gods so they would not get punished by the gods?
What did the people build to honor the gods?
What sinking city was built on the ruins of swampy Aztec land?
The 3 civilizations had a strict & organized social _______.