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3v Spelling Test 12.11.2021 Word Search

3v Spelling Test 12.11.2021 Word Search
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Universal Design For Learning Strategies Crossword


young learners actively engage in self selected unstructured play
instructional tools in which are divided into small groups and assigned to specific roles in order to actively participate
A visual reminder of a specific social skill, classroom rule, or appropriate behavior that the teacher has taught
A chart that lists numbers in numerical order
Pre created answer cards
A bulletin board or chart listing high frequency or words
Contains two overlapping circles that we can use to compare and contrast
summary in which students identify three new discoveries, two interesting facts, and one question
a two column graphic organizer that allows students to visually arrange and present information
Written in first person and include and include personal details about a student's experience culture, family

OUR BRAIN Crossword


Someone who is very smart, is very In____________________.
The organ of our body that controls our thinking and our body movements
This test measures how intelligent we are
If we like to sing songs and can play musical instruments, we are m _ _ _ _ sm_ _ t
People who are good at dancing and sport are b _ _ _ s _ _ _ t
The use this part of our brain to remember things
Our brain uses 20% of the ox_ _ _ _ that our body needs
This animal has the largest brain of all living creatures
A mouse's brain is ________________ than a cat's
When we make ______________ in our mind, it helps us to remember things
Someone who likes to be outdoors and knows the names of animals and plants, is ______________ smart.
If you have a good memory, you can _________________________ things well
Another word for "smart"
Our brain controls our whole body and can do so many things! Our brain is really p__________________________.
An elephant's brain is larger than the human brain, but humans are more ______________________________.have larger
Someone who likes reading and is good at languages, is _________ smart.
When we think about many things, we have a lot on our _____________.

All the Who's in Whoville Crossword


Barney's Boss
Foghorn Leghorn Lady
The first name of the original Wonder Woman
A Rose Is Still a Rose
Passed the Test
Thee Stallion
First Name of a Teenage Girl Detective
Of Sunshine
Means Suspicious and Wary
Cooking Wine
Famous Cowboy Move Stars Nickname
Old School Retail Clothing Store
Dandy with the Computers
She has a song written after her
By trade she calls and visits
Night and
Joy to the World
Ike's Ex
He Stole Christmas
Has Two First Names
We landed on Plymouth Rock
Sarandon, what is my first name
Has her own talk show
Is great with numbers
My name is spelled with a K
A piece of cake
Be Kind
One of two

Hockey Crossword

Hockey Crossword

How many players do each team have?
What is the name of the player who participates in faceoffs?
What type of penalty puts you in the penalty box for 2 minutes? (minor or major)
What type of penalty results in you being put in the penalty box for 5 minutest? (minor or major)ut in the penalty box for ut in the penalty box for
What type of penalty could result in ejection after getting two major penalties?
What is the name of the penalty for hitting the puck from behind the center line and the puck going behind the goal line?
Name of the substitution where you substitute without stopping play? (no spaces between words)
Blue area in front of the goal that protects the goalie.
During a stopping of play the referee will drop the puck between two centers. (no space between words)
A free shot for a player after they get illegally hit from behind. (no space between words)
When a team has more players on the ice because of a player being in the penalty box (no space between words)

Types of Propaganda Crossword

Types of Propaganda Crossword

information ideas or rumors deliberately spread widely to help harm a person, group, movement institution or nation
promoting only one side of an argument or issue (positive or negative)
we're all in this together
celebrity endorsement of a philosophy movement or candidate they are closely related to
a high profile person tries to relate to regular ordinary people
the use of symbols quotes or endorsements to convey a message not normally associated with them
presentation of something dreaded or terrifying to get people to do something to avoid the horror
reaching a false conclusion based on two true statements
using positive words that everyone supports to promote your idea
ties a person idea or cause to a largely perceived negative image
description of candidates in our first lesson that led the class to elect Adolph Hitler
Don't you want to join our winning team?
Doctors endorse my diet program.
The President of the United States stops by McDonalds for a Big Mac after jogging
Abraham Lincoln endorses the latest Dodge Ram pickup truck
If we don't stop North Korea today we will all vanish in an atomic blast
My cat has a tail. My dog has a tail. Cats and dogs are the same animal
stand for liberty, support rights, promote freedom
My opponent is a raging tree hugger

Souper Supper 2021 Crossword


Did you see the new _____ behind Mary's house?
What is Mary's favorite snack by the firepit?
What is Marys dogs name?
What does the Souper Supper winder get to take home, but has to return with it next time?
What was behind the back yard when Mary was little?
What did Mary find on the new ____ this past year?
What can you find near pine trees?
The name of Mary's favorite Grandson.
Name of our party today.
Who likes to eat the applies off the trees in Mary's yard?
Name of Mary's newest great niece?
What kind of rocks does Mary like? Rocks with _____ (check out the wall near the garage)
What kind of ____ do you like?
Mary's favorite football team
Name for your brothers, sisters, Mom, Dad, grandparents?
What words/numbers are found on the driveway
What does Mary like to grow in the summertime?
What was Grandma Vetter's favorite holiday?

Introduction to Psychology Crossword


I am a testable prediction
I am the scientific study of thoughts feelings and behaviours
Any observable action made by a living person
Ideas or opinions created by thinking
An emotional state or reactions
The variable manipulated by the experimenter
The mental process of organising sensations into meaningful patterns
An expert in psychology that does not prescribe drugs to patients
A medical practitioner specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness
A person who influenced psychology
A variable (often denoted by y) whose value depends on that of another
The entire group of individuals to be studied.
A subset of the population being studied.
A method of procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses.
The word Psych can mean
Any variable other than the IV that causes a change in the DV (there is an attempt to control these)

Canine Disruptive Behaviour Crossword


Typically, aggression occurs when a dog is exposed to a____
Dogs that are ______ may overreact to certain stimuli and appear aggressive to observers
______is a change in behaviour in the presence of something the dog considers valuable.
When trying to correct resource guarding behaviours we can use high ______ food drops to teach the dog that our presence indicates good things.
To address unwanted barking, we first need to understand the ______.
Three reasons why a dog may bark include fear, alarm barking and ______.
When training a dog not to bark the most important step is to prevent ______ as this strengthens the neural pathways and increases the likelihood of re occurrence.
Nipping is a ______ behaviour for puppies.
It is important puppies remain with their litter and mother until 8 weeks of age so that they may learn bite ______ and the consequences related to nipping.
Housetraining may be more difficult if the dog has a ______ and has become accustomed to eliminating on a particular surface (eg. Grass, ca Grass, carpet, newspaper).
Many people believe male dogs use marking to mark their territory. What is another possible reason for this behaviour?
When a puppy is chewing on something they should not be you should calmly interrupt and ______ it with an appropriate, puppy safe item
One reason destructive behaviour may occur is a lack of physical and/or mental ______.
If destructive behaviour is focused on points of entry, it is likely due to ______.
The best solution for deterring digging is to provide the dog with mental and environmental ______ if they are going to be left outside.
Digging can sometimes be managed by using a dig pit, which provides a controlled location for the dog to participate in “______” digging.
We can offer an ______ behaviour to be performed to stop a dog from jumping up.
Rather than yelling at the dog the best thing you can do when a dog jumps up at you is ______ them.
By using words such as “no” and “leave it” your dog may learn that items on counters or tables are only off limits when you are ______.
When we want to redirect our dog's attention from the food or item on the counter, we can use an attention noise. What should you not use to get their attention?
To avoid conflict between household dogs, you should not allow the dogs to ______ at one another, rather, calmly interrupt
Many conflicts between household pets can be due to incompatible personalities and ______.
One of the most important behaviours you can teach your dog is ______.

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