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The best Christmas present in the world Crossword

The best Christmas present in the world Crossword

Who baked the Christmas Cake?
What is the colour of the flag the German soldier waved?
What was the nickname for the English soldiers by the Germans?
What day is 25th December?
Who thought that the marzipan was the best they had ever tasted?
What sport did Captain Jim MacPherson prefer?
Who is the author of the book?
What was in the black box?
What food did the German soldiers share with the English soldiers?
What was the box made from?
What was the piece of land named between the German soldiers and the English soldiers?
You get these on Christmas morning if you have been good?
What was the nickname for the German soldiers by the English?
What word is used when you believe it is immoral to lie and you hesitate before you do lie?
What game was played by all soldiers on that frosty Christmas day?
What was found in an old desk drawer?
What is an agreement between enemies called?

Pax Book Crossword


The fox that lost there foot
Broke their foot
It helps you walk when your foot is broken
They help main character when hurt
A female fox
What animal was on the bracelet that the main character got from their mother
A word that Vola taught Peter
The animal that is the main character
Thing that killed gray
How Pax might have felt.

Basketball Terms Crossword

Basketball Terms Crossword

How many players from a team are on the court at a time?
The position of the 2 players closest to the basket
The player that does the jump ball
The position that calls the plays and controls the ball
The name of the goal in basketball
The game is played on a ______________________
The object used in the game
The game consists of 4 of these
The name of the profession league of this sport
The shot taken as a result of a penalty
The name of the curved line on the court
Regular baskets are worth
To obtain possession of a missed basket
The movement of the ball by a player
The name of the penalty when a player carries the ball
The team who has the ball is on
The team without the ball is on
a two-point shot attempt made by leaping from below, laying the ball up near the basket, and using one hand to bounce it off the backboard and into the basket
a shot taken before the game clock of a quarter expires but does not go in the basket until after the clock expires
a player who passes the ball to a teammate in a way that leads to a score by field goal

Drama elements Crossword


speaking loudly and clearly to ensure that the audience hears you.
Hiding your own natural personality to play the personality of the character you have on stage.
an object used by actors on stage that is small enough to carry around.
Focusing on not having an unscripted fit of laughter on stage.
stage design and objects that tells you more about the setting of the drama. Cannot be carried around.
Hiding your own natural personality to play the personality of the character you have on stage.
Facial expressions: how do they show their emotions
what is the name of the story?
where and when did the story take place?
what is the message of the story?
characters that most focus is placed of?
those helping the main character ?
what is the twist of the story?
who is in conflict with conflict

Canopy Christmassy Who Knows Who??? Crossword


Who worked in a Family Planning Clinic prior to joining Canopy?
For the last 3 months or so, Audrey has been desperate to rid her house of something – what was it?
Whose remedy in times of stress, or any other time really, is chocolate?
Before joining Canopy, and herding doctors, Jane was responsible for organising what other group of professionals?
Trish was first in the team to secure what sort of booking after 29 November?
Patients are required to swab within how many days of their visit to Canopy?
First name of our most recently retired Canopy clinician?
Some of us prefer Netflix & Chill but for this teamster it’s Chardonnay & Piano – who is it?
Debbie has a very talented niece who sold her creations as a fundraiser earlier this year – what were they?
Name Charmaine’s newest grandbaby – here’s a clue, she’s a girl?
We are currently building a fancy schmancy new premises in Hawkes Bay – is it in Napier or Hastings?
It’s a tasty tipple, as well as being Tania’s (offsite) nickname?
In the olden days, pre Covid lockdowns, what mode of transport did Dale bring onsite?
Name the only boy in Tenia’s otherwise all-girl household?
What does the “E” stand for in the Canopy core values (CARE)?

The Amazingly Talented Lynn Crossword


What position did Lynn play in softball?
Who captured Lynn's heart?
What do Oakmont, Bennett Valley, and Sea Ranch all have in common?
Think a non-water sport
Painting and more
What's in your yard?
Learning something new
Favorite vacation spot
Favorite card game
What do SR Golf & Country Club, Mayacamus, and WOSC have in common?
What do you call a person like Lynn who is supportive, a good listener, and fun to be with?

Jackie and me Crossword

Jackie and me Crossword

This is a game that uses a bat and ball and players run around a diamond to home base.
This character travels back in time to meet a famous African American baseball player.
This man is one of the greatest African American baseball players of all time.
Jackie Robinson played on this Baseball team.
Joe uses this to travel back in time.
This man is the author of the book Jackie and Me.
Joe Stoshack plays for this baseball team.
This man was always mean to Joe and teased him throughout his career.
Jackie Robinson’s wife’s name.
Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier and signaled the end of what?
Jackie Robinson died at this age.
This is the owner of the baseball card store where Joe got his cards.
Joe’s dad’s favorite baseball player.
In 1949, Jackie won what baseball award?
What city was Jackie Robinson buried in?

The Tell-Tale Heart By Edgar Allan Poe Crossword


A bad, difficult, or unwelcome situation.
concealment of one's thoughts, feelings, or character
Who died
Who came at the end
Who killed the old man
Thing to which a specified action or feeling is directed.
Who was the main character
How did the old man die
A clever and deceitful way
Very great or intense
The quality of being
Unable to breathe properly
An uncertain belief
What was the narrator hear that made him tell the cops where the body was
Who called the cops on the narrator
Feelings or beliefs

Us in School Crossword


What is our traditional game to play in class?
A type of biscuit you like to get from the school canteen?
A person who listens into our conversations at school?
My favourite thing to get from the school canteen to eat?
Someone who thinks they're the "coolest" teacher?
The insect we took photos of in one of our vlogs?
Mrs Owen corrected us when we said our work was ________ ?
A teacher who picks on you a lot in class?
Our books look aesthetic for what lesson?
The best assistant teacher is?
Name of the lesson we have a scary but funny teacher for? (clue: knocking on the table)

Hockey Crossword

Hockey Crossword

How many players do each team have?
What is the name of the player who participates in faceoffs?
What type of penalty puts you in the penalty box for 2 minutes? (minor or major)
What type of penalty results in you being put in the penalty box for 5 minutest? (minor or major)ut in the penalty box for ut in the penalty box for
What type of penalty could result in ejection after getting two major penalties?
What is the name of the penalty for hitting the puck from behind the center line and the puck going behind the goal line?
Name of the substitution where you substitute without stopping play? (no spaces between words)
Blue area in front of the goal that protects the goalie.
During a stopping of play the referee will drop the puck between two centers. (no space between words)
A free shot for a player after they get illegally hit from behind. (no space between words)
When a team has more players on the ice because of a player being in the penalty box (no space between words)