Puzzles and worksheets similar to Crossword Challenge

Eugene's Lego Crossword


"Lego" come from the Danish term "leg godt." What do these two words mean in English? (2)
In 2012, a new theme was introduced. This theme was created to appeal to a female audience. What is the name of this theme?
Lego introduced the "Expert Builder" series in 1977 for experts. What was this renamed to in 1984?
What is the name of the Lego theme park in California?
What Lego theme replaced the Rock Raiders and was created in 2009. (2)
Who founded Lego? (3)
"Fortune" magazine gave Lego what distinction? (4)
What were the first Lego toys made of?
What was the first theme to involve custom faces.
What country was first to open Legoland outside of Denmark
What is the plural word for Lego?
Who currently owns the Lego company? (Ole Kirk Christiansen's grandson) (3)
What is the largest Lego set? (4)
What is the rarest Lego set? (3)
Who built a life-sized house out of Lego bricks? (2)

Economic Terms Crossword


The word for exchanging goods and services, sometime between countries
Something that a person would like but is not necessary for their survival.
When money or goods are traded or exchanged for other goods or services
When a company focuses on a small range of products in order to more efficient and their business more profitable.
The person selling the goods or providing the service.
When a person keeps their money instead of spending it.
What people must give up in order to get what they want the most
What a person requires to live - food, water, shelter
A decision that must be made, the object or lesser value is given up and exchanged for something of more value.
The person receiving the goods or services.
How efficient a good or service is produced in order to increase profit.
Something that motivates someone to buy an item.

Drama Skills Crossword


What is the term for the way someone walks?
What is the term for using the space to show relationships?
How would I use my face to show emotions?
What's a Vocal Skill that shows the audience where I am from?
In vocal skills, what is high and low?
What can I use to make sure all of my cast members are seen?
What is one way to make an actor think more about their character?
What could be used to show the audience a key moment?
What is the term for how straight your back is?
What is the term for a hand movement?

Crime and Law - burglary Crossword


someone who obtains money from people or forces them to do something.
informal term for British police
money or present given to someone to do something for you
person who illegally enters buildings and steals things
crime of illegally entering a building and stealing things
crime of stealing someone's car while they are using it
work people do to help others without being paid - COMMUNITY
uncomplimentary term for policeman in the United States
a public building in which courts of law are held
a room in which the legal proceedings of a court are held
sentence of punishment by execution DEATH
person against whom an action or claim is brought in court of law
physical abuse toward your spouse or domestic partner DOMESITC
driving a vehicle after drinking too much DRUNK
selling drugs DRUG
special chair used to kill a criminal with a current of electricity ELECTRIC

High School Math Vocabulary Worksheet #1 Crossword

High School Math Vocabulary Worksheet #1 Crossword

What is an expression with more than two algebraic terms?
What is either a single number or a variable, or numbers and variables multiplied together?
What do you call the number that is directly in front of a variable?
What do you call terms whose variables (and exponents) are the same?
What do you call terms whose variables (and exponents) are NOT the same?
What is the method that you use to remember how to multiply two binomials?
What is a polynomial with two terms?
What is a polynomial with three terms?
When you have to find what to multiply together to get an expression, that is called what?
What is a number made by squaring a whole number?
What is a polynomial with just one term?
What is the name of your favorite high school math teacher?

Swine Breeds Crossword

Swine Breeds Crossword

This breed is red in color with drooping ears
This breed is long bodied, white, and has 16/17 ribs
This breed is know for having a superior carcass and is black with 6 white points
term used for a castrated male swine
term for an intact sexually mature male
term refers to a sexually immature female
This breed is black with a white belt around the shoulders
This breed is white with drooping ears
This breed is white in color with erect ears
This breed is black with 6 white points and drooping ears
This breed is ideally 50% black and white and is spotted
term refers to a female that has given birth
the act of a female swine giving birth
term refers to meat that comes from swine

THE BROWN"S Crossword


Name the only animal that has black on both sides and an white stripe.
I was lost but I was found in the closet at your house
Whose graduation was it when the guys went fishing?
Who fell in and caught no fish?
What's your grandmothers NEW name?
Is PaPa really this?
Her middle name name is like no other what is it?
What the name of the ring that the family can't wait to see?
What is the first initial of your mothers siblings names in order?
Your favorite Aunt

Romeo and Juliet Crossword


Romeo and Juliet is a type of play called a _______
To what city does Romeo flee in exile?
Who challenges Romeo to a duel and is then killed by Romeo?
Romeo first sees Juliet at a feast held by the _______ family
Romeo and Juliet are married by Friar ________
Juliet's father wishes for her to marry _____
What is the word for a person who sells medicines?
Friar Lawrence gives Juliet a ________ potion
Romeo is of House ________
This is the story of two ____ _______ lovers
Tybalt stabs ________
Friar Lawrence's letter to Romeo never reaches him because of a ______ in Mantua
Romeo's cousin and friend who urges him to attend the feast
According to Mercutio, _____ ___ is a fairy who is responsible for dreams.
The Capulets and the Montagues pledge to raise _______ in honor of the deceased Romeo and Juliet
Who discovers Juliet after she takes the potion?
Before meeting Juliet, with whom is Romeo in love?
Who wrote Romeo and Juliet?
Juliet asks Nurse to give Romeo this piece of jewelry
Who does Romeo kill in Juliet's tomb?
Romeo and Juliet primarily takes place in the Italian city of ______

Christmas Jollity 2021 Crossword


He famously said ‘I think therefore I am’
Name of the dolls, Russian, of course
Greek hero classed as ‘tamer of horses’
What did Frank say he was, in ‘World on a String’?
The designer of King Minos' Labyrinth
The number of heads Cerberus had
They transformed into a laurel tree in Greek Mythology. Clue: they weren't a cute little chick
Santa's country of origin
Another name for Reindeer
The year the Republic of Yugoslavia ended
Famous sequence notably linked to patterns in nature and investments
A stick of this was placed in Rowan Atkinson's gift wrapping in Love Actually
The country was Mike Myers was born in.
The gang of people who used concrete shoes as a method of disposal of unwanted characters.
In order of release date, what was the 3rd Star Wars film
He bellowed, ‘Are you not entertained?!’ in the arena
A famous dance type originating in the 1920’s
Nationality of King Wenceslas
Strong green herbal liqueur - without a fairy
The stoic philosopher who said, ‘It is not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.’ clue: he had a nice pair.
Rough number of dog years to human years
The confectionery item Richard Nixon accidentally said he was.
The number of pieces of gingerbread used to make a classic gingerbread house.
Famous Champagne developer (surname) who was also a Monk

Hentzen Crossword Challenge


A type of coating, adhesive or sealant
Where Hentzen's corporate office is located ________, WI
Hentzen Coatings, Inc. abbreviated
Volatile Organic Compound abbreviated
America's largest government military agency: Department of _________
In 1994, Hentzen began to manufacture this type of coating
Undercoat or preparatory coatings
A large-scale business or a manufacturing business
Aircraft and spacecraft division of HCI
Spray paint
Someone that works in a lab
How many continents does Hentzen ship products to?
Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings abbreviated
Hentzen opened a facility in 2004 in __________, IL
To broaden product lines in aerospace and specialty wood finishes, Hentzen opened a plant in
In 2013, Hentzen opened a powder coatings production facility in
A dry chemical coating made at our Faulkner Road and Clearwater facilities
A type of coating that is used as a thin outer layer on a product (2 words)