This is the place where two or more bones meet
the ability of a muscle to repeatedly use force over a period of time
muscle endurance
also known as heart and lung endurance, is a measure of how efficiently your heart and lungs work when you exercise and how quickly they return to normal when you stop
cardiovascular endurance
proportions of fat, bone, muscle, and fluid that make up body weight
body composition
the ability to move joints fully and easily through a full range of motion
the ability to handle the physical demands of everyday life without becoming overly tired
physical fitness
any form of bodily movement that uses up energy
physical activity
planned physical activity done regularly to build or maintain one´s fitness
The _____________ principal is a method for safely increasing aspects of your workout without hurting yourself
rhythmic activity that uses large amounts of oxygen and works the heart and lungs.
aerobic exercise
intense physical activity that builds muscle but does not use large amounts of oxygen
anaerobic exercise
fitness is made up of this many components
the sit and reach test can help me improve this component
there are __________ types of goals, short and __________ term goals.
two long
for setting SMART goals, the 'S' stands for?

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