Puzzles and worksheets similar to cpr/first aid Crossword

Crossword Puzzle aye aye aye

Crossword Puzzle aye aye aye

Who was the legendary Cat that Ari Had?
What is Sherry's cats' name?
What color are the dog biscuits? (two)
Drew's dog's name?
Cashier's checks are how much if they don't got a relationship ch?
If it is an LLC, can we give cash back from a deposit?
If you are strapping a full bundle of hundies, what is the strap? (not 2k)
What does MLG stand for?
Who is the teller supervisor at 84?
If we fill a bag of quarters in the coin machine to sell, how much is it?
Before you go to lunch, you should always...
Balance in spanish
Withdrawal slip in spanish
who do we sell to? (Three letters)



Where are policies located
How many injections do you get in a Hep B series
Who provides cleaning chemicals for the departments to use
If you are out for three days or more what do you need to have to return to work
If we have a disaster and we lose natural gas supply what will we use
who approves personal appliance use in HMH
Do we allow service animals in HMH
How often does a head lice egg hatch
What do we do with a patients clothes that has head lice
What is the surgeon's last name that starts with F
What is the minimum amount of seconds to wash your hands
What is a common food borne illness
How many visitors can a PCU patient have s day
What does Code Gray mean
What protects patient information

CQC Crossword


What do you call it when you have concerns about an adults welfare
Our Green Lips campaign relates to .................... Information standards
What word is used when you raise concerns of malpractice in the workplace?
DoLS stands for .............................. of Liberty Safeguards
Under what age do we not accept patients
P.L.U.M.B are the first letters of the principles in which act.
Who is your speakup champion
Who is our safeguarding champion
One part of mandatory training is information ................................
Where do we record all complaints and issues
What does the S stand for in the core services we are judged against
What does the C stand for in the core services we are judged against
What does R stand for in the core services we are judged against
What is the name of the survey we have just done
What does the E stand for in the core services we are judged against
What does the w stand for in the core services we are judged against

Elsie's Puzzle Crossword

Elsie's Puzzle  Crossword

Device used to talk to people far way
What does Elsie use to walk
What body part on your face do you use to SEE objects
What does Elsie use to brush her teeth
How many legs do you have
What does Elsie eat every night. Lunch or Dinner.
How many fingers are on one hand
Skill of putting on and taking off clothes
What is the colour of the sky
What is the colour of the sun
What should people save every month when they get paid at work
Personal care activity for keeping body clean
Skill of taking food from the plate and in your mouth
How many days are in a week
Need to drink everyday
Skill of making food in the kitchen
Which country does Elsie live in
Using a car to move from one place to another place
What animal swims in water

VAS Crossword


Closed Presentation, clipped on inside both sides
Non-Tucked, clipped on both sides, able to see both pockets from front
Closed Presentation, tucked on left side
can involve a tuck, NOT always
Can be placed in multiple areas based on given instructions
can be placed in one area, on 1 specific side
what side should be tucked for a single tuck?
If the letter "S" or word "Sizer" is not included in instruction, hanger should be?
on a single tuck, which side is NOT tucked?
How many inches should a size strip be from its instructed side?
What is put on the hanger to give more detailed information about the garment on it?
which way should the hook on the hanger be facing once completed instructions for processing.
what is received if product is sent out incorrectly/wrong?
Adidas wants __(blank?)__ over quantity?
what is the presentation that NEVER involves a tuck?
price tickets can go to on the front or back of these, what are they?
What does "VAS" stand for?
if the __(blank?)__ doesn't match remove the MSRP?
What is the price on the white tag called?
How many icons should be on each side of the garment when placing size strips?

November 2021 Robbery Meeting Activity Crossword

November 2021 Robbery Meeting Activity  Crossword

What do you always need to be?
Who's going to call once you set off an alarm?
If you are passed a note what do you do?
Do you call 911?
this acronym can assist you in remembering important information
What's the number 1 goal?
Who should you alert?
How many alarm options do you have in your window?
For the spin dial vault you go ___ digits past the last number of the combination.
How many alarm options do we have in total
What do you press to activate the teller duress alarm?
Can someone carry a weapon in the banking center?

Jenna fox Crossword


something that you remember is a ?
when you get a memory back
Jenna fox's favourite drink in her past
something bad that happens
What does Jenna call Mr bender?
how many family member does Jenna have (not including herself)
What does Jenna want to land on her hand but they only land on Mr benders hand.
What does Jenna call her grandmother
What does Jenna now call her mother
what happened to the real Mr Bender?
Fill in: The _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ of Jenna fox
How old is Jenna fox
What colour is the blanket Jenna sits on at the beach?
The Authors name is Mary E. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
True or false: Jenna can now go to school?

ROB challenge Crossword


Famous quote from Tessa "work hard, _____ hard"
The location of this ROB office is known internationally as the city of Gardens
What does the acronym ROB stand for?
How many ROB offices are there in the province
3 parts to ROB’s model are “set requirements, check outcome and ___________ effectiveness
The hub of the ROB model states that improvement should be ________
One of ROB’s guiding principles is to strengthen engagement with ________ peoples
Is ROB striving to be more proactive or reactive?
This office location is home to a 27 foot tall wooden man
Which ROB team does inspections?
Which team does air audits and water quality monitoring (acronym)
The I in IPMA stands for what?
How many authorization teams are in ROB?
ROB administers authorizations under 2 acts: IPMA and______
ROBLT stands Regional Operations Branch ________ Team
This ROB office location is known as the Tournament Capital of Canada

Geometry Crossword


What are 2 adjacent angles that form a line called?
What is the slope of parallel lines
What is the slope of perpendicular lines?
How do you find the length of a segment?
What angles are on opposite sides of the transversal, in between the lines?
What are two angles whose sum is 180 degrees?
What are two angles whose sum is 90 degrees?
What does Santa say?
What are two angles that are across from eachother when two lines intersect called?
How many congruent sides does a rhombus have?
how many reindeer does santa have?
What is opposite the north pole?
If 2 triangles are conguent because all of its sides are congruent, what theorem would it be?
Who is santa's favorite reindeer?
What is the relationship of the sides of similar triangles?
Where does santa live?
What is another name for a ratio?
What cuts an angle in half creating 2 congruent angles?
What do you call two triangles that are the same shape and size?
What kind of triangle has 2 congruent sides?
What kind of triangle has 3 congruent sides?
What do you call a part of a line?
What is the corner of a triangle called?
Given two sides, how do you find the hypotenuse of a right triangle?

Old Vineyard Housekeeping Joint Commission Knowledge Crossword

Old Vineyard Housekeeping  Joint Commission  Knowledge Crossword

How many seconds does it take to Kill Cov-19 with Peroxide
What key is used to get into housekeeping carts and fire extinguisher
Name the Chemical You Use Most To Kill Gems
Who makes your housekeeping chemicals
Where is Your MSDS located at
If you don't know an answers what should you say
What do you clean showers with
What's the name of the All Purpose Cleaner
Is you mop bucket suppose to have a Lid?
Is Food and Drinks Supposed to be IN or On Your Housekeeping Cart
What is the aerosol you use
Where is your daily log kept
What is PPE
What does MSDS Mean