cherry-like fruit
metabolic process that converts sugar into acids, gases or alcohol
community were coffe was used for stimulant powers
When coffee was liked in America
Boston Tea Party
bacteria inside the dough converts to carbs to carbon dioxide
Baking bread
adding different types of bacteria to dairy products and allowing the bacteria to eat the lactose
“yogurt cultures” produces lactic acid which creates texture
plays an important role in the production of secondary fertilizer and renewable energy
Beans are pulped and fermented in a cement tank then rinsed with running water. Remaining mucilage is dried.
low fermentation
Allow the mucilage to coat the coffee beans after they are pulped. This mucilage will continue to ferment on the bean while the sun dries out, thus stabilizing the coffee.
medium fermentation
Pick ripened coffee beans that are immediately spread them onto patios. Fermentation will occur in each individual bean.
High fermentation

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