My name
Irma Cristina
Your name
Peter James
Our goal
Happy together
Most important thing in our life most be
Second more important thing in our life most be
Website were we met
Quantity of kid I wish to have
Action shouldn't be in our relationship
Time were our misunderstandings w should be fixed
Before bed time
Who first initiate the comunication
One of you hobbies
Beach time
One of my goals everyday is
Make you smile
Result of our constant daydreaming about each other
Lack of sleep
We need to believe again
True love
Our mutual hobbies are
Music movies
Another thing we got in common
We love sex
Our age
My dream wedding
Barefoot Beach wedding
When and where is sex time?
Anytime anywhere
I'm willing to support your job a ..............
How happy I'm to meet a men like you
Must difficult training you got
One of the most important person for you is
Your daughter
Very important to make this work
Good comunication
What kind of love we both dream about
Real and forever
Another important keys to make this work
Trust and respect
last thing I see before bed
Your picture
Fist thing I do upon opening me eyes
Pray for us
What you said you will do to have me with you
And really attracted to your......
Manly look
I never thought I will meet and date with a