muscular/skeletal crossword puzzle

flexible but inelastic cord of strong fibrous tissue attaching a muscle to bone
fibrous connective tissue that connects two bones or cartilages or holds together a joint
the location at which bones connect
connective tissue found in many areas of the body between bones
fibrous tissue that has gthe ability to contract producing movement in or maintaining the position of parts of the body
tissue that connects,supports,binds, or separates other tissues or organs.
relating to the part of the stomach nearest the esophagus
relating to or functioning as a skeleton
occuring in the gut and other internal oorgans and not uder voluntary control
inner of the two bones between the knee and the ankle, parallel with the fibula
external framework of bone, cartilage, or rigid material supporting the body of an animal or plant
can be found where the hummerous meets the ulna
type of synovial joint
the bone of the uppper arm or forelimb
the ball shaped surface of one rounded bone fits into the cup like depression of another bone
the type of muscle that we can control
the type of muscle that we don't control
the brain is referred to this
the part of the brain that controls the body balance and movement
the flap of tissue that seals your windpipe

Skeletal/Muscular Leveled Assignment Crossword

Skeletal/Muscular Leveled Assignment Crossword

complex living structures that undergo growth and development
when two or more bones meet
a system of muscles that control your body movements
an thin membrane that covers all of the bone except the ends
joints that allow a wide range of movement
muscles that are easy to control
a hard, dense portion of the bone
a joint that enables you to flex and extend your muscles
muscles that are not easy to control
found at the ends of the bone and it has small spaces like a sponge
a joint that lets your muscles move freely in all directions
attached to the bones of your skeleton and provide the force needed to move your bones
a soft connective tissue found in most bones
allows bones in hand & wrist to glide over another & give some flexibility
helps your heart beat and keeps you alive
creates new bone
a joint that allows one bone to rotate around another
it contracts to bend the elbow while another muscle relaxes
recycles old bone
covers the ends of the bones and keeps them from rubbing against each other
after, it contracts to straighten the elbow while the other muscle relaxes

Skeletal,muscular,and joints system Crossword

Skeletal,muscular,and joints system Crossword

moves bone voluntary
found only in heat and involuntary
muscles you can control
muscles you can't control
one bone to rotate around the other
flex and extend
move freely in all directions
gives flexibility and glide over one another
bones of the body that are longer than they are wide
the outer membrane
hard, dense portion of the bone
it is found at the ends of the bone and it has many small spaces like a sponge
it is a small connective tissue found in most bones
when two or more bones meet
joints allow for a wide range of movement
a thin membrane that covers all of the bone except the ends
complex living structures that undergo growth and developement
creates new bone
recycles old bone
determines shape of your body

Human body Crossword

Human body Crossword

a group of body parts that work together to perform a job
a body part that does a special job within a body system
a group of cells that look alike and work together to do a certain job
the basic unit of all living things. (buillding blocks)
a tough,rubbery tissue that makes up parts of the skeleton
the place where two bones come together
a strong cord of tissue that attaches muscle to a bone
a strong, flexible tissue that holds bones together at a joint.
body tissue that moves parts of the body
the kind of muscle that a person can control
the kind of muscle that works without a person's control
Made up of around 200 bones. The bones help give shape to your body.Your bones help support you. Bones work with muscles to help you move.
The muscles also help give your body shape and help you move. Includes more that 600 muscles..
Made up of your heart and blood vessels. The blood brings oxygen and nutrients to cell.
Made up of lungs and the tubes leading to them. Air enters your lungs each time you breath in. The oxygen in your lungs passes into your blood which is delivered to you cells.
Includes your stomach and intestines. Breaks apart food you eat so that your body can use it for fuel. Your stomach churns the food until it is turned into liquid
Made up of the brain and nerves (spinal cord) this system help control your thoughts and feelings

Skeletal/Muscular System Crossword

Skeletal/Muscular System Crossword

the inner framework made up of all the bones of the body
a soft tissue inside the bone that produces blood cells
specialized connective tissue composed of osteocytes forming the skeleton
strong connective tissue that supports the body and is softer and more flexible than bone
place where two or more bones meet
A group of genetic diseases. They're caused by defective genes that are passed from parent to child.
Very common congenital disorder that affects the posture, balance and motor functions. Physical tasks become difficult because of this disorder.
Shoulder muscles help in rotating the shoulder as well as move the hand in front and back. Structural strength for this joint is due to tendons of these muscles.
It's degenerative and inflammatory in nature. It affects systemic connective tissue causing weakness and muscle atrophy.
It's a common disease of the bones. Approximately 10 million Americans have the disease, with at least three times more Americans at risk of developing it.

Tissues Crossword

Tissues Crossword

type of epithelia that is found in the urinary bladder
tissue that receives and conducts electrochemical impulses
type of connective tissue where cells are surrounded by a very hard matrix that contains calcium salts
type of cartilage that is found in the larynx, ribs, and ends of bones
type of connective tissue that is soft and pliable and underlies the skin
type of tissue that is specialized to contract to produce movement
type of connective tissue that is less hard and more flexible than bone
type of muscle contraction produced by smooth muscle that allows material to move along a tube in one direction
structure that the lower surface of epithelial cells rests upon
epithelia that lines most of the respiratory tract
type of connective tissue that forms the framework of filter organs like the spleen and lymph nodes
voluntary mucscle tissue
type of connective tissue that consists of a non living plasma, red cells, white cells, and platelets
cells of connective tissue "live" in a cavity called ___.
type of connective tissue that makes up tendons and ligaments
dark and light areas called ___ can be seen in skeletal muscle
flat epithelia that is in multiple layers
type of cell found within columnar epithelia secretes mucus
involuntary muscle tissue found in the heart
tissue type that lines organs and is responsible for protection, secretion, absorption, and filtration
nonliving substance found outside connective tissue cells and is made of structureless ground substance and fibers
type of connective tissue that insulates the body from temperature changes and protects from mechanical damage
type of connective tissue that surrounds and protects the soft organs
columnar epithelia that appears to be in multiple layers but is not
epithelia that is found in the esophagus, mouth, and outer portion of the skin
type of gap junction found in cardiac muscle that allows quick communication between heart cells

Human Body Systems Crossword Puzzle

Human Body Systems Crossword Puzzle

System that consists of nerves, brain and spinal cord
helps movement of the body, maintaining posture, and circulating blood throughout the body
system that contains voluntary and involuntary muscles
this system starts in the mouth
the heart and blood vessels that circulate blood throughout the body
disposing of the body's waste
brings air into the body and removes carbon dioxide
system that protects major internal organs and provides overall support
system that transmits signals from the body to the brain
this is also known as the urinary system
includes bone, cartilages, ligaments
skeletal muscles, smooth muscles, cardiac muscles
Breaks down food
skin, hair, regulates temperature
esophagus, stomach, intestines

Muscular/Skeletal System Crossword

Muscular/Skeletal System Crossword

It is one of the 2 main types of muscles
Its a type of tissue that brings in brings in oxygen and nutrients
Parts of the body where two or more bones meet
Bones and cartilage (skeleton) that supports a vertebrate's body
Hold the bones of many joints together
A flexible tissue
A type of muscle only found in the heart
Muscles that are not under your conscious control
A type of involuntary muscles that is found in walls of many organs
Tough cords of connective tissue that attach muscles to the bones

Skeletal System Vocabulary Crossword

Skeletal System Vocabulary Crossword

The most abundant cartilage type in the body; provides firm support with some pliability
Skeleton that includes the bones of the skull, vertebral column, and rib cage
Internal layer of skeletal bone
Large cells that resorb or break down bone matrix
Glistening white, double layered membrane that covers the external surface of bone
a break in a bone
Fibrous membrane at angles of cranial bones that accomadate brain growth in the fetus and infant
Freely movable joint exhibiting a joint cavity
Inflammation of the joints
Hematopoietic tissue
Type of joint where rounded end of one bone protrudes into a sleeve or ring composed of another bone
Band of regular fibrous tissue that connects bone to bone
Type of cartilage with abundant elastic fibers
Skeleton consisting of the bones of the upper and lower limbs, and the girdles
The elongated shaft of a long bone
Bone forming cell
Runs through the core of osteons
Osteomalacia in children
Bone joined without joint cavity
Flattened fibrous sacs lined with synovial membrane
A chronic inflammatory disorder of joints
Type of joint where articular surfaces are essentially flat
Type of joint wher the oval articular surface of one bone fits into a complementary depression of another
Most compressable type of cartilage
External layer of bone
Bone ends
Mature bone cell
process involving bone formation and destruction in response to hormonal and mechanical factors
Increased softening of the bone
type of joints where the articulating bones are united by cartilage
an elongated bursa the wraps around a tendon subjected to friction
Urate crystals in the soft tissues of joints
type of joint where a cylindrical projection of one bone fits into a trough shaped surface on another
Type of joint that resemble condyloid joints but allow greater movement
type of joint wher the spherical or hemispherical head o fone bone articulates with the cuplike socket of another

Skeletal and Muscular Systems Crossword

Skeletal and Muscular Systems Crossword

Joint found in the shoulder and hip
type of muscle that is voluntary and striated
occurs when a bone is forced out of its joint
only type of tissue that is able to contract
flexible connective tissue that makes up our nose and ears
connects bone to bone
type of joint found in the knee and elbow
place where bones come together
connects bone to muscle
muscle tissue found in the heart
type of muscle that is involuntary; controls breathing, bp, and digestion
occurs when ligaments or tendons are pulled beyond their normal range
helps make red and white blood cells
front of the arm muscles
back of the arm muscles
protects the lungs and other vital organs

Animal Tissue Crossword

Animal Tissue Crossword

Connective tissue that is found at joints, joining bone to bone
Connective tissue involved in the bodies immune response
Connective tissue that stores energy in the form of Fat
Muscle tissue that is involuntary, slightly striated and lines the walls of the heart
Epithelium that has a large surface area,is permeable and protects the underlying tissue from damage
Muscle tissue that allows the movement of bones
___________ fibre is found in connective tissue, allows the issue to be strong and flexible
Connective tissue that protects internal organs,supports the body and is attached to muscles.
This type of Epithelium is responsible for absorption of digested substances, support other cell types
Secretory cells found in some epithelia
Connective tissue that transports Gases to and from cells
Connective tissue that binds muscles to bones
Connective tissue that forms a continuous layer under the skin
Type of neurons that bring about movement of an effector muscle
Muscle tissue that moves at will is ____________
Tissue that is involved in blood clotting
Provides support for the nose ears and joints
Red Pigment that binds with oxygen, aids in transport of oxygen
Tissue that carries electrical impulses from one part of the body to another
___________ columnar epithelium has hair like structures.