an easier workout such as brisk walking
results in pain in joints
results in abnormal blood sugar
the other leading cause of death in the US besides stroke
heart disease
the minimum amount of exercise needed a day that you should always meet
a more difficult workout such as sprinting for a long period of time
the way you eat daily
amount of energy you can get with food and burn with exercise
a condition where your metabolism is abnormal because of fat, low HDL cholesterol, high blood sugar, etc.
metabolic syndrome
any activity that burns calories
physical activity
an activity that strengthens muscles
an activity that strengthens bones
a serious injury especially if you are of an older age
hip fracture
the well being of your mind
mental health
emotional state
a loss of the ability to do everyday activities
how easily a person can stand without falling
physical activity that improves the cardiovascular system
an example of a moderate-intensity aerobic exercise
brisk walking
dying at a young age
premature death

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