Is plant crops in strips or between shrub or trees.
Alley cropping
Is a land of a capable being ploughed and used to grow crops
Arable Land
Is the amount of present in each serving of food
Is a large group of organic compounds occurring in food and livings tissues that including sugar, starch, and cellulose
Is a stiff sticky fine-grained earth is typically yellow, red or bluish-gray in color and often an impermeable of layer in the soil
Is plant rows across the contour of land that create mini dams
Contour Farming
Is when components from one place to another
Is a extreme scarcity of food
Is artificial of application of water to land assist in the production of crop
Is when organic compounds including fats, oils, and cholesterol
Is when the fertile soil that the clay and sand containing humus
Is when a person who makes an effort to eat food that is grown in raised and produced in locally, within 100 miles from there home
The business of felling trees and cutting then into logs transporting to logs to sawmills or to market
Is a type of land that degradation which a relatively dry land region becomes increasingly arid that bodies of water as well as vegetation and wild life
Is a farm on a large numbers of live stock the raised indoors in conditions intended to maximize
Factory Farming
Is when a brown or black material in the soil that formed when plants and animals decay
A chemical element in nitrogen, phosphorus, which relatively large quantities are essential to growth in health plant
Unhealthy condition that results that not eating enough food or not eating enough healthy food
A organic compound that essential in minute amounts to the growth and health of animal
a way to grow crops or past from year to year without disturbing the soil through tillage
No-till Farming
Is a obtained from living things from their nemains
Organic Matter
Is heavily that the vegetation is damaged and the ground become liable to erosion
Is destructive insect other animal that attacks crops, food, livestock, etc
Is chemical substance that an animal or insect that attract other animals or insects and especially a mate
Is substance found in foods that important part of the human diet
Something that make drains or flows off as rain that flows off from the land in streams
Is process by which a non saline soil becomes a saline by the irrigation of land with brackish water
Is earthy matter or fine sand like carried by moving or running water that deposited as a sediment
Is when plant rows across the contour of land to create mini dams
strip cropping
Is an open mine that especially a coal mine, that whose seams out crops run close to ground level and exposed by the removal of topsoil and overbureden
Surface Mining
Is when reduces erosion on steep slopes by cutting ridges or steps into the land