The woman was making a plaid shirt out of the cotton her husband grew.
Alfalfa had a unruly tuft of hair that stuck straight out of his head.
Kelly was difficult to understand when she got her wisdom teeth removed.
Katherine quickly got married and didn't even think of her decisions, because she loved Tom.
Sam was mischievous when he was playing tag, because he didn't want to be it.
After being lied to five times today, Julia was skeptical about everything.
Joe was brave and had a lot of courage when he saved a kid who was caught in a fire.
Sara kept her distance from her ex boyfriend, Dug.
Paige was the best in her class after she got five 100% in a row.
Cameron was anxious to know if she would ever get married in her future.
Allie was resisting going to the principle's office, and she was being disobedient.
Gabe was being disrespectful when talking to his mother when talking about his plans that evening.
Carrie was unwilling to break the law.
Nobody remembered Sandy after she died.
Lauren was an addict, who was addicted to Pepsi.
Caroline fell on the floor right before she was going to perform her song.
Kate looks like she bleaches her hair, because it is so blonde.
Danielle copied someone else's speech when she forgot to write her own.
Russell is a troublemaker, and he was recently proven guilty of a crime.
juvenile delinquent
Emily was struck with fear when an alien fell from the sky.
Megan paused because she felt like she was doing something wrong.
Candace took Chris' attention away from being dumped, by asking him if he wanted to dance.
Luke was stubbornly determined to beat his brother in the race.
Carly was dressed in fancy clothes for her dinner date.
spruced up
When Joey told Cindy a bad joke, Cindy tried to make a funny face, but it turned out to be an ugly face.
Jake had to run to the church to stop his ex-wife, Samantha, not to get married.
Lily was in a sick state where she was unable to speak, see, or even hear.
Andy all of the sudden became confused about everything that was going on.
Jenna was drunk, and didn't even care about what could happen to her if she drove home.
Lane was so confused, that she didn't even know where she was, or what her name was.
The court stated that Dallis was not quilty of any crime.
Jerry wrote a piece of writing to be able to be in the local newspaper.

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