What you feel when you are appreciative or thankful
when you feel completely shocked or surprised
a feeling of overwhelming joy or bliss
worn out or extremely tired
unable to make choices
when you feel that you lack energy or enthusiasm to do anything
you sometimes feel this as a student ; no energy or enthusiasm
unwilling or hesitant to do something
shy or awkward;
when you can't feel any sensation in your body
worried or nervous about doing something
doing a task well and thoroughly without wasting time
wanting to be in another person's position because of their good fortune
unsure of or unable to understand something
to be extremely annoyed, upset or sickened by something
I passed my IELTS test and feel EXTREMELY PLEASED
really tired of or irritated by something
I did something really STUPID without thinking
I have STRONG beliefs about human rights especially children and vulnerable members of society
I was UNHAPPY with the cutstomer service at the restaurant
I sometimes feel this when i am away from my native country and family
I like to hang out with people who are POSITIVE
Some people believe that being a celebrity is ATTRACTIVE & EXCITING
thinking that someone is guilty of doing something
when you feel angry about something that you think is unfair
soft or kind
when you are unable to look after yourself
if you demonstrate strong feelings of love and doing things associated with it
The media is very CRITICAL/DISREPECTFUL about certain celebrities and people in the public eye
After a nap or a cold shower I feel more AWAKE and less TIRED
I was really EXCITED and HAPPY when I met my favourite celebrity
to feel UNEASY
I sometimes feel THIS emotion with strangers

Emotions Crossword Puzzle

Emotions Crossword Puzzle

Feeling sad, blue, discouraged, and unhappy
Feeling fear and worry
Feeling bad after doing wrong
feeling alone and that nobody cares
feeling able to do something
feeling worried about what others think
feeling ease and without worries, calm
feeling unable to think clear
feeling pressure for doing well
feeling mad with a person, act or idea
feeling tense, tired, uneasy, and overwhelmed
feeling happy and aroused
feeling joy and pleasure
feeling full of energy

Emotions and Feelings Crossword

Emotions and Feelings Crossword

I think I have the flu. I feel__.
I was so __, my face was bright red.
Tomorrow is my birthday! I'm so __!
When I feel __, I bite my nails.
I went to bed very late. This morning I'm __.
Emma was really __ when her hamster died.
I'm really __ to see you!
Lucas was really __ at his brother for eating his candy.
I can't find any of my school supplies. I'm so __.
My dad was supposed to be here two hours ago. I'm so __ that he has had an accident.
I am ___. There is nothing interesting to do here.
Karine is very __ around people she doesn't know.
Very angry or mad
I was __ with my mark. I studied really hard.
I'm sorry I forgot your book. Please don't be __ with me.

Expectations of Employers 7-2 Crossword

Expectations of Employers 7-2 Crossword

Getting along with others
Not stealing or cheating
How well a job is performed
Being on time
Result of lack of safety consciousness
Thinking about a problem and making the right decision
Being at work when you are supposed to
A feeling of satisfaction with what you or someone you know has accomplished
Worker output
Showing adult behavior
A feeling of excitement and involvement
Believing in and being devoted to something
Tools and machines
Eagerness or a strong interest in something
Process of judging how well an employee is doing on the job

Emotions Crossword

Emotions Crossword

What is needing or ready for sleep
What is unable to think clearly
What is having or showing a lack common sense
What is feeling or showing pleasure
What is feeling or showing sorrow
What is extremely angry
What is feeling or showing excitement
What is having a strong feeling of showing annoyance
What is feeling or showing embarrassment
What is feeling or showing love
What is feeling weary because one is unoccupied
What is affected by physical or mental illness
What is fearful
What is cause to find something funny
What is kind and pleasant
What is feeling or expressing distress and annoyance

The Giver vocabulary crossword

The Giver vocabulary crossword

To mock something or someone
To exacute something very carefully and with great quality
To be unsure (or nervous) about something
To have the property of being stuck ( the abbility to stick)
To be gentle and kind
To punish
takeing care of something and helping it grow
Naturel ability
Full of ( positive) energy
To be upset about something
A warning for doing something
A quality someone possesses
To be releaved of a duty
To be aware/ awake
Filled with something or penatrated (ex. sponge and water)
To have Responded to something
something extreme
To express sorrow
A general idea
To break a rule
Something traditional
To be tired or weak
To be confused or stressed
Bad events/ risks
To continue to do something without stopping
Something that has been added on is something ______________
Extremely tired
something difficult to carry out is something _____________
Something teasing in a good way



To manage your stress through different ways that make you feel better.
What it's called when people talk to a mental health professional.
This is done out loud, when something is funny and can make you feel better.
If done at park or gym or home, this activity relieves stress and is good for you.
People go on these atleast once a year, for break from their job.
Feelings of high stress, panic, worry. Sometimes including physiological symptoms.
These are the familiar people in our life that help us cope with the stressful times because they know us well and listen.
To share and express your thoughts and feelings to a person who will listen.
What can happen if your body gets run down from stress and lack of sleep.
You should get about 8 hrs each day to maintain health and happiness.
Time off from work, doing nothing but enjoying yourself.

Expressions, Idioms, and Proverbs Crossword

Expressions, Idioms, and Proverbs Crossword

Jane is an artist in a family of doctors. She's the black _ _ _ _ _ of the family.
I hate parties. I always feel like a _ _ _ _ out of water.
She's so dumb. She's got nothing between her _ _ _ _..
Forget him! Boys like him are a dime a _ _ _ _ _ !
Just do it! _ _ _ _ the bullet!
My class is uncontrollable, they're completely out of _ _ _ _ .
You can't make tea?! It's not rocket _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !
Ugh! I've had it! That's the _ _ _ _ _ that breaks my back!
I'm sneezing a lot, but I think I'm just a little under the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .
Don't worry about it now. We'll cross that _ _ _ _ _ _ when we get to it.
I try not to make assumptions but ... a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is worth a thousand words!
The new iPhone costs an _ _ _ and a leg!
Don't be upset! There's no use crying over spilt _ _ _ _ !
It'll get better -- every _ _ _ _ _ has a silver lining.
John is on thin _ _ _ with his parents; they're really upset with him.
Go for it! Fortune favors the _ _ _ _ !
Kate is my best friend. We see eye to _ _ _ on almost everything.
Don't mind what she said. Take everything with a _ _ _ _ _ of salt.
It's a surprise party so don't spill the _ _ _ _ _ !
Don't give up yet -- it's not over 'til the fat lady _ _ _ _ _ !

Qualities of a Role Model Crossword

Qualities of a Role Model Crossword

I am thankful for everything and everyone.
I am always excited about things.
I work well with others.
I always make my work better and presentable.
I believe in myself.
I never give up.
I am always wondering.
I always do the right thing and tell the truth.
I always put myself in others' shoes.
I accept everyones' ideas and feelings.
I can do things by myself.
I am polite and courteous.
I listen to others and respect their ideas.
I tell the truth, I am fair and I do the right thing.
I think about my own learning and work.
I like trying new things.
I think carefully and show initiative.
I care about the people around me.
I can share my ideas with others in many ways.
I am curious and enjoy learning.
I learn about many things and remember what I have learnt.
I take care of my mind and my body equally.

Personal Hygiene Crossword

Personal Hygiene Crossword

I do this once a day to remove food in between my teeth.
I put clean clothes on every day, especially this!
I never do this into my hands. I use a tissue whenever possible.
I do this before eating, after using the bathroom, sneezing or playing with pets.
Keep this neat by styling and brushing.
I clean these often so I don't get wax in them.
Keeping my body __________ is an important part of staying healthy.
Always get your beauty _________.
Do this to avoid gingivitis, cavities and bad breath.
I trim these weekly. I keep them short and clean.
Doing this every day or two is a must, and always after sports practice or playing outside.
I always use this when I wash my hands and body.
My hair always smells so fresh and clean when I use ______________.
I always try to keep fresh ____________ in my purse.
It's also nice to keep a ______________ in my purse.
Before you go to bed don't forget to wash your _________.

12 Characteristics of an Entrepreneur Crossword

12 Characteristics of an Entrepreneur Crossword

A willingness to take risks in spite of possible losses
Inventing new ways of doing things; thinking outside the box
The desire to learn and ask questions
Refusing to quit in spite of obstacles
The ability to stay focused and follow a schedule to meet deadlines
Being sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others
Being passionate about something; the ability to see problems as opportunities
The ability to adapt to new situations; a willingness to change
Recognizing that most goals are not reached overnight
Being accountable for your decisions and actions; not passing the buck