One who has been transformed by the grace of God
One who has been touched by God
The Christian understanding of the end times
The study of the last things
Jesus' return in glory at the end of time
Second Coming
A title officially conferred upon a saint by the pope or by a general coucil declarying that person to have been particularly holy, wise, and learned, and therefore a source of sound theological teaching for the Church
A title for the writers of the early Church who had a major impact on the developoment of Christian theology and doctrine
A habitual disposition to do good
Something believed to be particularly important
Mary is the _____ faith through her commitment to Christ
Christ's saving work which freed humanity from the power of sin and death and restored them to unity with God
Mary is the sign of the ___________ between God and God's people
The dogma which states that the body of Mary was taken directly to heaven after her death
The dogma which states that Mary was free from the stain of Original Sin from the moment of her conception
Mary has been called mediatrix which means ________
Mary is the ______ of Christ, therefore she is the ______ of the Church (same word)
Honor given to a person or image because that person or image mediates God making His presence visible and tangible
A follower of Christ
An official list of Christian saints and martyrs
Martyrs are ______ to Chirst in blood
The process by which the Church declares that a particular member of the faithful has practiced heroic virtue in his/her life, has been faithful to God's grace, and is now fully united with God in Heaven

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