The ability to fully move a range of joints without breaking any bones
The amount of force/strength used when training
The state of being physically fit and healthy
The ability of the heart, lung and blood vessels to deliver oxygen to the body tissues is known as what kind of endurance
How often you do a certain exercise
It is good to do this before and after any physical activity
To physically allow the body to return to its normal state after exercise
cool down
Type of training which includes frequent changes of intensity without including rests
A skill an athlete would need to win 50m sprint
The amount of time taken to respond when a ball is thrown towards you
reaction time
What can I do to my exercise if I find running in the park to repetitive and boring
A type of training that has a range of exercises that target different body areas
A skill that would benefit a gymnast
The percentage of water, bone, fat and muscle in our body
body composition
It is good to ________ before running a marathon
warm up
A device used to measure the amount of steps taken
You should include these between your daily exercises
The ability to exert maximal strength
This training involves alternate periods of high and low intensity exercises
The ability to move your body or an object repetitively without getting tired

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